Station Service by Park Avenue is ending its activities

November 20, 2019 (Last modified on November 22, 2019)

Two years ago, Groupe Park Avenue launched Station Service, an innovative boutique offering a unique customer experience in the automotive industry. Located in the Quartier DIX30, its unconventional environment—showcasing several brands at a time—has allowed visitors to discover various vehicles and even take a test drive. All this in the company of “product geniuses,” who do not earn commission and do not sell vehicles.

Since then, Station Service has enabled Groupe Park Avenue to better understand our customers’ wants and needs when shopping around for a vehicle. The organization has learned a lot from this pathfinder project and is currently looking at a new formula that will push the multi-brand customer experience further to fully meet our customers’ needs and aspirations.

“In the next year, we’ll be working hand in hand with our concierge service and our team of dealership sales consultants, with the ultimate goal of increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer experience,” says Norman John Hébert.

Operations of the Quartier DIX30 Station Service by Park Avenue as we know them will come to an end on November 22, 2019.

“Shopping for a vehicle can be tedious,” continues Hébert, “and shoppers are often at a disadvantage when faced with seasoned professionals. We want to democratize the process by making it as fluid, transparent and enjoyable as possible. With Station Service, we were able to take our first steps in this direction.”

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