Groupe Park Avenue's reputation was not built in one day. It was inspired by an innovative man passionate about automobiles.


Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. demonstrates his entrepreneurial spirit by acquiring Park Avenue Chevrolet, located on Park Avenue in Montreal. The dealership was on the verge of bankruptcy and few people believed in its ability to survive.


Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. defies odds again by moving Park Avenue Chevrolet to the corner of rue Viau and rue Jean-Talon in Montreal North. The immense dealership stood out in the middle of the surrounding fields and many doubted its future. They didn't know our founder very well!


Location Park Avenue is opened during the prolific years of Park Avenue Chevrolet. Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. perceives a need for commercial fleets and founded the first long-term leasing company in Canada. Incidentally, many businesses still deal with Location Park Avenue which currently has a fleet of more than 4,200 vehicles on the road.


Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. heads up the organization of the very first Montreal Auto Show. The whole business community is now behind this visionary who no longer has to prove himself.


Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. announces the arrival of his son into the family business, Mr. Norman Hébert Jr.


The name Groupe Park Avenue becomes official.


The father-son duo begins a new chapter in this history by acquiring an immense lot on Boulevard Taschereau in Brossard. They set about associating with various auto manufacturers in order to successfully open nine different dealerships, six of which are on the same lot, in order to launch the Complexe de l'Auto Park Avenue, an auto-mall concept never seen in Quebec.


Mr. Norman D. Hébert Sr. passes the torch onto his son who becomes the president of the automobile consortium. His son develops a second sector on the South Shore of Montreal in Sainte-Julie.


The tenth dealership of Groupe Park Avenue is inaugurated: Park Avenue Lexus Sainte-Julie.


Méga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie, a pre-owned vehicle super-store, opens its doors in November.


The third generation of Hébert's arrives; Mr. Norman John Hébert becomes the vice-president and general manager of MINI Brossard.


In January, a second Méga Centre Park Avenue store is opened in Laval. A bit later, Groupe Park Avenue acquires a fourth BMW dealership, this time in Sherbrooke. During fall, Location Park Avenue was associated with Jim Pattison Lease in order to become Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc., the undisputed Canadian leader in vehicle leasing for enterprises.


Groupe Park Avenue welcomes Silver Star Mercedes-Benz, Canada’s largest Mercedes-Benz dealership, among its automobile consortium.


We opened Station Service, a car boutique in Quartier DIX30, in Brossard, that allows you to test drive cars in all their forms, and which promises to revolutionize the car buying experience. Furthermore, Groupe Park Avenue established themselves in Quebec City with the acquisition of Mercedes-Benz de Québec.


Groupe Park Avenue's brand portfolio is expanded with the acquisition of four well-established Brossard dealerships: Jaguar Brossard, Land Rover Brossard, Brossard Mitsubishi and Park Avenue Volvo Brossard.

A Family's Pride

60 years and 1,000 employees later, Groupe Park Avenue is still the leader in the automobile industry. The initial vision of our founder was passed to his son who knew how to increase the potential of the family business and who now inspires his staff through tested leadership and success.