Acura RLX for sale, Used Acura RLX on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

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$47,890 - $47,890
Odometer (KM)
44,000 - 44,000
2019 - 2019

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$47,890 $48,680
TrimSport Hybrid Elite
EngineV6 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie
Stock NumberB16572

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About the Acura RLX

When looking at the Acura RLX sedan, the future looks extremely bright for the Japanese manufacturer Acura. In fact, it represents the pinnacle in terms of hybrid development with one of the first hybrid all-wheel drives with a gasoline engine and an independent electric motor. Moreover, it is the most luxurious car ever produced by Acura. Fine lines and impeccable interior design make the Acura RLX a luxury sedan that has nothing to envy its European and American competitors.


Model Features


What is there to say about the powertrain of the Acura RLX, except that it is nothing short of a work of art. The heart of the beast consists of a 3.5L i-VTEC V6 capable of developing more than 310 horsepower. Two independent electric motors are mounted on each rear wheel in order to increase traction and thereby provide a phenomenal driving experience. Another electric motor is installed at the front and brings support to the gas engine in order to reduce consumption.

All these different engines, therefore, render it possible to offer a combined consumption under the bar of 8 liters per 100km while generating a total output of over 375 horsepower. Few designers can claim to have managed such a feat. This powertrain is paired with a SportShift automatic transmission with seven sequential gears for precise and dynamic handling.

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As this is the most luxurious vehicle in the Acura line, the RLX is equipped with an impressive amount of features coming in to enhance the experience of its occupants. To offer the quietest interior ever, the Acura RLX uses three distinct characteristics: the adaptive stereo volume adjustment according to the engine noise, an active noise suppression system and acoustic insulating windows across the vehicle.

All seats are heated and furnished with top quality Milano leather. The driver's seat adjusts electrically in twelve settings and has two lumbar supports. The interior is lined with rich woodgrain accents and the dashboard features a touch screen and a GPS. The ELS Surround audio system has 14 speakers and has Bluetooth connectivity.

Find today the used Acura RLX you need by browsing our inventory of Acura RLX for sale.



Offering one of the most powerful engines available from prestigious Japanese manufacturer, the Acura RLX therefore provides a higher security level than average. The impact reduction brake system is a big part of it since it is unique to this model. It allows to gradually slow the vehicle in case of imminent impact.

An impressive number of airbags are also installed strategically and include a phased deployment system to limit injuries related to them. A rearview camera with several angles allows the driver to be aware of his environment. The lane departure attenuation system analyzes driving in real-time and corrects any erratic behavior.

Find today the used Acura RLX you need by browsing our inventory of Acura RLX for sale.