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About the Audi A8

The German manufacturer's flagship, the Audi A8 is one of the finest luxury-sedan ever created. Introduced in 1994 and refined through the years, the A8 has established itself as the reference when it comes to comfort and elegance. Powerful and sophisticated, the full-size, luxury sedan car distinguishes itself thanks to an unparalleled, smooth road behaviour and wide range of available powertrains that perfectly combine excellent fuel-efficiency with uncommon flexibility. Brilliantly balanced, the sleek exterior design is bold and impressive, yet delicate and sober, resulting in a dynamic package that instantly draws attention.

Model Features


The largest sedan offered by the German manufacturer, the Audi A8 boasts a sleek and sober designed that has long stayed under the radar. Remodeled and revitalized through the years, the exterior design is now bolder than ever, yet still manages to keep a classic and timeless look.

The first mass-market car with an aluminum chassis, the Audi Space Frame, the Audi A8 benefits from light and rigid components that help create a muscular and elegant silhouette underlined by a broad and dynamic shoulder line. From the front, the distinctive single-frame grille and LED lights stand out. Along with many different powertrains to choose from, the Audi A8 comes in standard-length and extended length Audi A8 L models. Five inches longer, the Audi A8 L offers improved rear legroom and roomier rear seats without sacrificing agility or manoeuvrability.

Audi's finest sedan, the Audi A8 is a symbol of uncompromising comfort and luxury under a sleek and refined design. Quickly find a new Audi A8 or used Audi A8 by browsing through our selection of Audi A8 for sale.


A full-size, luxury sedan car with outstanding power, the Audi A8 offers a set of impressive powertrains and a wide range of technologies that greatly enhance the driver's experience. Impressive and powerful, the Audi A8 benefits from lightweight aluminum components that offer superior handling and surprising fuel economy. Impressive and versatile, the Audi A8 may be fitted with different gasoline engines that pack a punch.

The standard 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine with TFSI technology and more than 330 horsepower combines low-consumption with dynamic build-up. Slightly bigger, the 4.0-liter, V8 TFSI with more than 430 horsepower provide groundbreaking acceleration and excitement.

A great example of German engineering at its best, the 6.3-liter, W12 engine with 500+ horsepower has four rows of three cylinders which makes it exceptionally compact and quiet. Last but not least, the 3.0-liter, six-cylinder, diesel-fueled engine combines direct injection with turbocharging to provide incredibly low fuel consumption and abundant torque.

C​oupled with Audi quattro® all-wheel drive, 8-speed Tiptronic transmission and adaptive air suspension, the Audi A8 achieves a high level of comfort, sporty handling and unparalleled traction.

Quickly find a new Audi A8 or used Audi A8 by browsing through our selection of Audi A8 for sale.


A vibrant symbol of power and elegance, the Audi A8 boasts one of the best-detailed cabins ever created. Conservative on the outside, the ultimate Bavarian, full-size sedan's interior is quite spectacular, thanks to high-quality materials that perfectly complement each other. The center console features great ergonomics and places every commands and controls at hand to ensure an intuitive and pleasing experience.

Comfortable and spacious, the beautifully-detailed front seats are fitted with integrated ventilation and massage function. Layered with wood, leather, aluminum or plastic, the Audi A8's cockpit is just as exciting as it is soothing. Dynamic or smooth, the adaptive air suspension benefits from numerous modes that are designed to best suit your needs.

Simply one of the greatest full-size sedans ever created, the Audi A8 does not compromise when it comes to luxury. Quickly find a new Audi A8 or used Audi A8 by browsing through our selection of Audi A8 for sale.