BMW 7 Series for sale, Used BMW 7 Series on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

Price Range
$89,999 - $89,999
Odometer (KM)
122 - 122
2019 - 2019

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Trim750Li xDrive
Engine8 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Brossard
Stock Number219357*

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About the BMW 7 Series

The largest and most luxurious of them all, the BMW 7 Series truly is the flagship of the German manufacturer. Available since 1977, the hefty Bavarian boasts a unique look and exhibits the latest technologies and concepts from BMW. A source of inspiration for its fellow sisters, the BMW 7 Series perfectly represents the true essence and dedication of the brand to offer something special, something greater. Versatile, luxurious and agile, the ultimate German sedan promises an impressive and unforgettable experience.

Model Features


The bellwether of the make, the BMW 7 Series boasts exclusive characteristics that make it such a unique and prestigious model. Largest sedan of the BMW lineup, the BMW 7 Series is fitted with a spacious cabin that easily seats up to five passengers in royal comfort.

Classic, refined and opulent, the interior space is entirely driver-oriented as suggested by its slightly asymmetrical center console. A true pioneer, the BMW 7 Series benefits from a long wheelbase and standard air suspension for the rear axle which ensure unparalleled comfort and smoothness even on poor road surfaces. Uncommonly comfortable, the enveloping seats welcome their passengers in an oasis of calm both in the front and rear as well as outstanding insulation from the outside world and traffic noise.

Quickly find a new BMW 7 Series or used BMW 7 Series by browsing through our selection of BMW 7 Series for sale.


Powerful and versatile, the BMW 7 Series offers breathtaking performances that would delight any professional pilot or enthusiast. Designed to maximize and exhibit the different strengths of the manufacturer, the ultimate sedan delivers uncommon performances in royal comfort.

As smooth and obedient as it might be, this flagship vehicle sticks to the road like no other and can quickly get its pilot's adrenaline flowing. Light and flexible, the legendary 3.0-liter straight six‑cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine offers a great balance of efficiency and stunning agility. Slightly more ferocious, the 8‑cylinder and 12‑cylinder engines ensure a befitting level of trust and control as well as maximum refinement and commendable efficiency.

The unstoppable machine, the ultimate sedan, the Alpina B7, has enough power to conquer any road or circuit with disconcerting ease. Thanks to BMW's finest engineering, the B7 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than fives seconds and offers increased driving dynamics without ever compromising its legendary comfort.

Quickly find a new BMW 7 Series or used BMW 7 Series by browsing through our selection of BMW 7 Series for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

A technological marvel, the BMW 7 Series is truly one of a kind and boasts an exquisite design as well as astonishing performances and phenomenal driving dynamics.

Powerful yet surprisingly fuel-efficient, the ActiveHybrid 7 is a great alternative to traditional gasoline engines. Powered by a combustion engine combined with an electric motor and supported by a lithium-ion high-performance battery, the German sedan accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than six seconds! What's more, the ECO PRO mode allows the BMW 7 Series to be propelled only by its own kinetic energy which translates into zero fuel consumption and thus, zero emissions.

Quickly find a new BMW 7 Series or used BMW 7 Series by browsing through our selection of BMW 7 Series for sale.