BMW M3 for sale, Used BMW M3 on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

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$59,999 - $59,999
Odometer (KM)
86,000 - 86,000
2016 - 2016

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$59,999 $61,255
EngineStraight 6 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Brossard
Stock NumberMI2016

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About the BMW M3

One of the greatest high-performance vehicle of all time, the BMW M3 is a perfect combination of unrivaled performances with outstanding aerodynamics. Released in 1985 and originally designed for the racetrack, the unique Bavarian coupe quickly reached the streets and has since then established itself as one of the most thrilling car to drive by many critics and enthusiasts of all countries and generations. Released as a two-door coupe and marketed as such for its first generations, the BMW M3 migrated to a four-door sedan version for its 2015 model. An audacious beast that packs of lot of punch, the BMW M3 is a vibrant symbol of pure performance and sleek design that will always stay under the spotlight.

Model Features


Designed by one of the most notorious team in automotive industry, the BMW Motorsports team, the BMW M3 boasts an audacious and dynamic look that doesn't leave anyone cold. Indeed, the BMW M3 has been modified and refined through the years in order to offer a timeless allure that would please every sense.

Whether in its original two-door version or latest four-door edition, the ultimate sedan is instantly recognizable thanks to large air inlets embedded in its ferocious bumper, muscular wheel arches, iconic kidney grille and overall powerful stance.

Viewed from the side, the emblematic side air vents and mirrors instantly catch the eyes while the curved roofline combines the silhouette of a four-door sedan with the aggressiveness of a sport car. A broad and massive beast, the BMW M3 brightly unites elegance and sophistication to muscle and ruggedness for a mindblowing result.

Quickly find a new BMW M3 or used BMW M3 by browsing through our selection of BMW M3 for sale.


Originally designed for the racetrack and then modified for the street, the BMW M3 has the DNA of a champion and has offered transcending performances since the first edition rolled out of the factory back in 1985.

While a turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine was fitted in the original BMW M3, it was quickly replaced by the legendary M TwinPower Turbo straight six-cylinder gasoline engine specially-tuned for the occasion. Powered by BMW's bi-turbo direct fuel-injection and M fine-tuning, the BMW M3 delivers baffling performances and responds directly to the slightest nudge of the acceleration with outstanding torque.

Throw into the mix the active M differential, adaptive M suspension, M servotronic and a 7-speed M Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) with Drivelogic as the result is more than convincing. The icing on the cake, the distinctive roar evokes a strong sense of power and excitement that will get shivers down your spine.

Quickly find a new BMW M3 or used BMW M3 by browsing through our selection of BMW M3 for sale.


A reflection of its uncommon and stunning exterior design, the cabin of the BMW M3 offers a unique and enveloping experience. The flowing transition between the instrument panel and the center console creates a warm ambience characterized by sportiness and technological progress. The M seats are distinguished and designed to provide unrivaled side stability and support even during the most spirited driving maneuvers.

Of a rare beauty, the cabin of the BMW M3 instantly gets its driver's pulse racing and is entirely oriented towards its experience behind the wheel. Nothing short of spectacular, the BMW M3 boasts an interior design that promotes a strong impression of unlimited power and control.

Quickly find a new BMW M3 or used BMW M3 by browsing through our selection of BMW M3 for sale.