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$136,180 $146,118
Engine8 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Brossard
Stock NumberP05555
$140,180 $146,727
Engine8 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Sainte-Julie
Stock NumberP2985
$47,490 $63,044
Engine8 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie
Stock NumberG15982

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About the BMW X5 M

A stunning addition to an already enticing lineup, the BMW X5 M is an ultra high-performance edition of a flagship vehicle designed by the notorious German manufacturer. Released in Canada in 2015 and immediately recognized as one of the most ferocious vehicles in its category, the BMW X5 M is not for the faint of heart. Esthetically slightly enhanced and powered by what could be considered as one of the most bestial engines ever created, the monstrous German SUV is ready to conquer the circuits and off-beaten paths without any restriction.


Model Features


The sportiest SUV offered by the German manufacturer, the BMW X5 M does not reinvent the wheel but rather enhances an already polished vehicle while adding several key elements of design to it.

It all begins with the signature M bumpers. Both more generously dimensioned and dynamic than those of the base model, these bumpers feature large air intakes and deeply carved shapes that brilliantly highlight the ferocious character of the X5 M. Viewed from the side, the exclusive M air vents and side skirts underline the vehicle’s majestic, dominating presence. In addition to these elements, the BMW X5 M also features exclusive 21-inch wheels as well as two chrome-plated double tailpipe finishers and a diffuser that comes from the world of motorsports. Needless to say, the X5 M was designed to dominate and conquer.

Quickly find a new BMW X5 M or used BMW X5 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X5 M for sale.




The letter M alone speaks for itself. Indeed, this letter opens up a world of infinite possibilities in terms of performance. Massive, yet tremendously powerful, the BMW X5 M destroys the competition thanks to its 4.4-litre M TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder engine that generates more than 575 horsepower and massive torque that exceeds 550 lb-ft. This astonishing power enables the X5 M to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in a mere 4 seconds, making it not only one of the fastest SUVs on the road but also one that outperforms several high performance cars.

This powertrain is mated to an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission Drivelogic that sets new benchmarks in dynamics and shifting. To cap it all, the vehicle is also fitted with a high-performance suspension system, precise steering, extremely powerful braking system and a complete arsenal of state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge equipment that ensure unrivaled levels of performance and driving dynamics.

Quickly find a new BMW X5 M or used BMW X5 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X5 M for sale.



Designed to compete against some of the most notorious SUVs such as the Porsche Macan, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and other automotive giants, the BMW X5 M offers a highly thrilling driving experience without sacrificing the levels of comfort that usually comes with such vehicles. What makes a BMW so unique is that every detail, every element, every button and every command are oriented towards the driver and its experience behind the wheel.

The X5 M is no different. It boasts superb ergonomics and offers a high degree of functionality. Available as an option, the M multifunction seats guarantee perfect lateral support thanks to high side bolsters and angled shoulder sections, even during very dynamic driving. A brilliant example of German engineering at its best, the BMW X5 M best suits the needs of even the most demanding drivers and delivers an unparalleled driving experience.

Quickly find a new BMW X5 M or used BMW X5 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X5 M for sale.