BMW X6 for sale, Used BMW X6 on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

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$75,977 - $81,929
Odometer (KM)
19,518 - 24,296
2020 - 2021

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$81,929 $83,103
EngineStraight 6 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Brossard
Stock Number223468A
$75,977 $80,053
EngineStraight 6 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementBMW Sherbrooke
Stock Number24001A

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About the BMW X6

The muscular sport crossover that offers uncompromising performances, the BMW X6 optimally combines style and function. Released in 2008, the first edition of the sporty Bavarian quickly changed the rules of the game. Marketed as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) by the German manufacturer, the BMW X6 unites the dynamics and elegance of a coupe with the size and agility of an SUV, resulting in a powerful yet distinguished look that is both comfortable and functional. Thanks to this unique design, exhilarating performances and sophisticated cabin, the BMW X6 clearly establishes itself as a true contender in its category.

Model Features


Based on a specially tuned version of the 5 Series and 6 Series platform, the BMW X6 boasts a dynamic and powerful design. Refined through the years, the athletic and intriguing look of the Bavarian SAV does not go unnoticed.

Nothing short of majestic, the silhouette of the BMW X6 is elegant and particularly muscular thanks to the iconic double kidney grille, impressively large wheel arches and rugged bumper that emphasizes the adventurous and powerful nature of the model.

Viewed from the side, the BMW X6 surprises with a distinctive silhouette highlighted by a flowing coupe-like roofline that strengthens its unique character. From the back, the elegant L-shaped lights follow the horizontal line, creating an even more striking effect.

Quickly find a new BMW X6 or used BMW X6 by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 for sale.


Once again, a BMW wouldn't be a BMW if it was not for the exhilarating performances it has to offer. The BMW X6 is no exception and provides its passengers with great adrenaline rushes and numerous reasons to smile.

Designed to conquer any road with ease and confidence, the BMW X6 is fitted with BMW's xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive which provides better traction, higher stability and ultimately more safety. Thanks to several sensors, the system reacts in milliseconds and adjusts the amount of power distributed between the axles to maximize the traction.

Coupled with either the legendary straight 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo or monstrous 8-cylinder TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine, the xDrive system combines guaranteed pleasure with maximum efficiency. A true performer that offers the best of both world - efficiency and safety - the BMW X6 is a lot more than a regular crossover.

Quickly find a new BMW X6 or used BMW X6 by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 for sale.


Just as surprising as its exterior design might be, the interior design of the BMW X6 is inspiring, sophisticated and generous. Anything but modest, the BMW X6 offers a large choice of upholstery, colors and interior trim strip to best suit your desires and preferences.

Like every sport BMW, the cockpit is entirely driver-oriented which translates in an intuitive driving experience that is focused on high-performance and comfort. The asymmetrical center-console slightly tilts towards the left and the seats are raised to provide a greater view and overall enhanced experience. Easily seating up to 5 people, the BMW X6 ensures high standards of comfort thanks to unusually generous legroom and headroom for everyone.

Another bright example of genuine German engineering, the BMW X6 unites comfort, style and uncompromising performances. Quickly find a new BMW X6 or used BMW X6 by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 for sale.