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About the BMW X6 M

The ultimate sport crossover, the BMW X6 M stretches the high boundaries established by its fellow brother, the BMW X6, by offering transcending performances usually reserved to the most prestigious high-performance cars. Unveiled in 2009 at the New York International Auto Show, the BMW X6 M first went on sale as a 2010 model and has since then established itself as a true contender in its category. Bolder and even more badass than any other member of the M family, the BMW X6 M boasts an electrifying design and sophisticated cabin that perfectly match the unique driving experience it offers.

Model Features


A larger than life figure with the heart of a lion, the BMW X6 M boasts a design that perfectly unites muscle with finesse. Massive in its original version, the modified BMW X6 has received a preferential treatment which gives it an even sportier stature.

The front end dominates with a ferocious bumper with embedded fog lights that evokes a strong sense of indomitable power. Sitting above this piece is the iconic black double kidney grille which strengthens this impression while the muscular wheel arches complete a more than desirable package. Exclusive to the M Series, the typical side air vents incorporate the prestigious M badge and underline the model's athletic vocation.

Broader and more dominant than any other crossover, the BMW X6 M surely knows how to steal the limelight. Quickly find a new BMW X6 M or used BMW X6 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 M for sale.


Even though it sits higher than any other member of the M lineup, the BMW X6 M shares the same DNA as its fellow sisters and offers a unique driving experience to anyone lucky enough to take place behind the wheel.

Ready for anything. The BMW X6 M is fitted with the prestigious Xdrive intelligent all-wheel drive technology which offers maximum traction on all surfaces, resulting in better stability and agility. Lying in the heart of the beast is a monstrous TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine with more than 550 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque that easily propels the BMW X6 M from standstill to 100 km/h in less than five seconds! In addition to this phenomenal powertrain, the ultimate German crossover also benefits from an improved high-performance braking system, a sport suspension and refined steering resulting in one of the most dynamic vehicle ever driven.

Quickly find a new BMW X6 M or used BMW X6 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 M for sale.


Once comfortably seated aboard this unique coupe-like crossover, you know you're in for serious business. Entirely driver-oriented, the cockpit of the BMW X6 M provides its passengers with a strong impression of control and power patiently waiting to be unleashed.

The M leather steering wheel coupled with a center console that slightly slopes towards the driver ensure a quicker and more intuitive response. The entirely-electric M seats with specially molded side support hold the body firmly and ensure premium levels of comfort even when performing tight cornering maneuvers. Underlining the elegant nature of the BMW X6 M are high-quality trims and materials that instantly seduces notably thanks to BMW remarkable craftsmanship.

Quickly find a new BMW X6 M or used BMW X6 M by browsing through our selection of BMW X6 M for sale.