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About the Cadillac ELR

A unique vehicle that could have been featured in a sci-fi movie, the Cadillac ELR is an exquisite coupe powered by a highly advanced hybrid powertrain. Unveiled as a concept car back in 2009 and finally released in North America in December 2013, the Cadillac ELR patrols our roads with grace and style. Impressively comfortable, fuel-efficient like no other and much more thrilling to drive than its hybrid powertrain might suggest, the Cadillac ELR is, indeed, a surprising piece of engineering.

Model Features


The Cadillac ELR coupe is indeed a one-of-a-kind car. Undeniably inspired by several vehicles featured in notorious sci-fi movies, the ELR boasts a design that perfectly blends futuristic elements with the elegance that comes with the Cadillac badge.

Like most modern Cadillacs, the ELR features crisp lines and angular shapes. The front grille is bold and massive and the whole body features several strategically positioned chrome accents. In addition to greatly minimizing the vehicle’s drag coefficient, the sleek exterior design of the American marvel exudes confidence while also highlighting its spirited character. Impressively fuel-efficient and yet much more ferocious than one would expect, the Cadillac ELR coupe has got it all.

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Fuel Efficiency

Behind its striking looks, the Cadillac ELR harbours a complex powertrain with a desire to go green. Borrowed from the Chevy Volt and refined for the occasion, the hearts of the beast is composed of a state-of-the-art electric system paired with an onboard generator powered by gas that helps increase range by close to 400 km.

As it is with most electric vehicles, the battery of the Cadillac ELR can be fully recharged using 110V household current or 220V special current which divides by 3 the time required for a full charge. Moreover, the ELR is not only exceptionally good on gas, it is also surprisingly enjoyable to drive thanks to a precise steering and evolved driving dynamics, making it the full package.

Quickly find  a used Cadillac ELR by browsing our inventory of Cadillac ELR for sale.



Not unlike the exterior design, the cabin of the Cadillac ELR was designed to surprise and amaze. To do so, designers responsible for the cockpit relied on high-quality materials including carbon fiber, rich wood, leather and suede.

Moreover, the dashboard offers a choice of several driver-selectable instrument panel display modes along with wrapping seats and a striking center console. Although the rear section includes two seats, none of these two can actually welcome an adult, at least not comfortably, a common problem with most coupes. However, rear seats can be folded down, opening up plenty of space, enough to receive two golf bags without breaking a sweat.

Quickly find  a used Cadillac ELR by browsing our inventory of Cadillac ELR for sale.