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About the Cadillac SRX

The most compact SUV offered by the American carmaker, the Cadillac SRX is a luxurious mid-size SUV that has come a long way. Available in North America since 2004 and remodeled on a few occasions since, the Cadillac SRX has gotten better with every new generation. Significantly more pleasing to look at but also more enjoyable to drive, more luxurious and still as comfortable, the SRX is Cadillac’s best-selling vehicle in the United States since 2010.


Model Features


The Cadillac SRX tackles a highly competitive market currently dominated by the Audi Q7, BMW X5, Lexus RX and other mid-size luxury SUVs. Among these, most rely on a design characterized by round shapes and sweeping lines but it is not the case for the SRX. Indeed, Cadillac’s protégé shares several key elements of design with its siblings and boasts a muscular design that is instantly recognizable thanks to angular traits and crisp lines. The stylistic approach gives it a more discreet, more elegant look compared with other flashy rivals.

While it was considered as peculiar or odd in terms of design when it was released in 2004, the modern Cadillac SRX has greatly benefited from a complete makeover in 2010 which gave it a more pleasing feel and look.

Quickly find a used Cadillac SRX by browsing our inventory of Cadillac SRX for sale.


Although it is considerably smaller than its brother, the Escalade, the Cadillac SRX does not shy away from the competition and offers remarkable levels of comfort. The cabin is well designed and incorporates several high-quality materials that perfectly blend together. Obviously, the rear section is also spacious, welcoming and remarkably comfortable. There is nothing like a quiet cabin which is why the Cadillac SRX benefits from several noise-cancelling components, giving its passengers a much-deserved break from the exterior world.

A cloud on four wheels, the Cadillac SRX benefits from a flexible powertrain and a suspension that is tuned for longer commutes rather than explosive maneuvers. Quickly find a used Cadillac SRX by browsing our inventory of Cadillac SRX for sale.


One of the safest vehicles in its class, the Cadillac SRX incorporates an arsenal of safety features that not only help provide better handling and control but also unparalleled levels of protection in the case of an accident. Thus, engineers responsible for the creation of the SRX have equipped their protégé with ultra-high-strength steel structure with crumple zones positioned strategically as well as a myriad of passive and active safety systems.

Moreover, the 2015 SRX received a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety from the NHTSA. Comfortable, well-designed and particularly safe, the Cadillac SRX is a mid-size SUV built for the long haul.

Quickly find a used Cadillac SRX by browsing our inventory of Cadillac SRX for sale.