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About the Cadillac XTS

The most spacious sedan offered by the prestigious American carmaker, the Cadillac XTS replaces not one but two iconic models: the Cadillac DTS and the Cadillac STS. Furthermore, its exterior dimensions are slightly smaller than those of the DTS and a few inches larger than those of the STS. Assembled in Ontario and released in Canada in 2012, the Cadillac XTS shares its platform with siblings from the GM family, the Buick Lacrosse and Chevrolet Impala.

Model Features


A Cadillac wouldn’t be a Cadillac if it wasn’t offering superior levels of comfort and luxury. A powerful symbol of elegance and refinement, the Cadillac XTS is faithful to its roots.

The most spacious sedan offered GM’s luxury division, the Cadillac XTS also boasts the roomiest and richest cabin of all Cadillac’s lineup. Like it siblings, fit and finish is remarkable, seats are generously dimensioned and soft and the dashboard showcases a sleek design with superb ergonomics.

Passengers seating in the rear section will undoubtedly appreciate the generous space for their legs, head and elbows, as well as seats that are just as inviting as those from the front row. Quickly find a used Cadillac XTS by browsing our inventory of Cadillac XTS for sale.


Despite its massive size, to say the least, the Cadillac XTS is still capable of delivering impressive levels of performance without sacrificing the levels of comfort that have made the manufacturer’s reputation.

Naturally, since the Cadillac XTS is a full-size luxury car, it does not target high-performance enthusiasts desireful to conquer the racetrack, but rather drivers looking for a comfortable ride capable of delivering vigorous acceleration and first-class comfort. Thanks to two different powertrains, one being a twin turbo V8 engine with more than 400 horsepower, the XTS brilliantly delivers the goods. Two drivetrains are offered, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the latter providing better driving dynamics and traction on all surfaces.

Quickly find a used Cadillac XTS by browsing our inventory of Cadillac XTS for sale.


The Cadillac XTS was designed to provide peace of mind. To do so, it relies on a plethora of passive and active safety features as well as multiple driving assistance systems that help provide superior levels of protection.

In addition to the available all-wheel drive system, the XTS is equipped with particularly powerful braking components. What’s more, the Cadillac XTS employs a safety cage constructed with high-strength steel alloys along with multiple airbags positioned strategically as well as a patented Safety Alert Seat. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Quickly find a used Cadillac XTS by browsing our inventory of Cadillac XTS for sale.