Car Care & Detailing

Car care or auto detailing provides great protection against rust, dirt or even water and help keeps a vehicle in its original form for years to come. Performed on a regular basis, car care and auto detailing services help keep the vehicle looking new and also maintain the highest resale value.

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From the simple and quick internal and exterior car wash to the complete auto detailing bundle, car care services offered by Groupe Park Avenue's detailing specialists can work wonder. With more than 55 years of experience, our team receives continuous training and will gladly help you select the right treatment according to your needs and reality. We do not like cars, we love cars! Which is why we only use the best products and most advanced equipment to ensure a flawless result.

All our services are offered and performed directly in our dealerships. Therefore, combining a maintenance appointment with a car care or auto detailing appointment is quick and easy.

Paint Decontamination, Why Is It Important?

Brake dust, metallic debris, calcium, salt, tar, bugs and stains, Winter conditions are particularly tough for our Canadian vehicles. Offered by all Groupe Park Avenue detailing centres, paint decontamination safely removes bonded contaminants from painted surfaces. Usually combined with the application of seasonal wax coating, this process helps protect the vehicle for months to come.

Offered Services

Here are some services provided by our car care or auto detailing departments. It is important to know that the older a car gets, the more attention will be needed to bring it back to its original and almost flawless form.

  • Exterior and interior detailing
  • Rugs and mats shampoo
  • Engine shampoo
  • Complete restoration (in and out)
  • Wax, buff and polish
  • Paint decontamination
  • Aquapel treatment
  • Paint protection
  • Headlight restoration

Along with these, several annual or permanent rust protection bundles are offered. Permanent rust protection comes with a 10-year warranty.

Every vehicle is different and doesn't necessarily need the same treatment. Do not hesitate to contact us or visit a car care specialist to get accurate information regarding your vehicle.

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