OEM Car Parts

What could be easily considered as the main reason a vehicle performs at its best for years is car maintenance. Using Original Equipment car parts, commonly known as OEM car parts, not only helps keep your vehicle in optimum shape but also helps maintain a higher resale value. Tested, approved and consistent with the highest standard of safety established by the manufacturer engineers, OEM car parts offered at your dealership are built to last.

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A key element, the quality of the parts that are used during car maintenance service ensure your vehicle performs at its optimum performance level for years to come. Designed and tested by the same people who designed the vehicle in the first place, OEM car parts are produced to meet the manufacturer's engineering and material specifications. While each part plays a specific role, they also all work in conjunction to produce a single output. Often backed up with a one-year warranty, OEM car parts are more reliable than non-genuine parts and provide peace of mind in their familiarity and performance.

OEM Parts & Collision Repairs: a Winning Formula

Precisely designed for optimum performance, quality and reliability, OEM parts used in car maintenance services ensure your vehicle performs like new over a longer period of time. The first point of contact in the case of an unfortunate accident, body panels are precisely studied and designed to ensure superior protection and flawless performance.

While some might be tempted to go with non-genuine parts, OEM car parts are the only parts that should be used following an unfortunate accident. These parts have been tested time and time again and manufactured to strict quality standard. Easier to manipulate, OEM car parts offer perfect fit and finish every time. Precisely engineered, genuine car parts, unlike non-genuine parts, feature specifically designed crumple zones. These are manufactured to react in a very specific way to provide superior levels of protection.

Following three key points (quality, reliability and performance), OEM car parts are designed to provide complete peace of mind. Contact a specialist from our parts departments for more information or to order or set aside one or several parts.

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