Oil Changes

The most recurring event, the one that nobody can get away from: the famous oil change or recommended maintenance service as manufacturers like to call it. Thanks to several technological advances and better components, oil change intervals are extended compared to the previous decades, but why?

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Exactly like the blood that runs through our veins, the condition of the oil that lubricates an engine is a premium health indicator. Thanks to major breakthroughs and technical advances, today's engine oils possess higher levels of resistance to oxidation and heat than the ones of the 80's and 90's. As a matter of fact, fewer deposits are found in used oils even after a longer period of time, which means that they perform better and longer. That said, every manufacturer have their own recommendations when it comes to oil change or oil service and these indications should be followed carefully for better results.

Today, there are two great families of engine oil types, both available with different viscosities (OW40, 5W30, 15W40, etc).

Oil Change with Mineral Oil or Premium Standard Oil

The traditional oil, the one that does not need to be specified. At the heart of oil and filter changes since the beginning of the automobile era, mineral oils are derived from petroleum-based chemical compounds blended with complex hydrocarbons and performance additives for better, longer-lastingresults. Although several numbers are up in the air when it comes to oil change intervals, several manufacturers recommend that it should be performed every 5000 km or twice a year.

Oil Change with Synthetic Oil

Purer and more homogeneous, synthetic oil is, as it name implies, synthesized from sources of hydrogen and carbon. Unlike mineral oil, synthetic oil is free of wax and other contaminants. More fluid at low temperatures and featuring superior heat resistance than mineral oil, synthetic oil lubricates internal combustion engines more effectively. Thanks to its unique characteristics, this oil can last longer between oil changes. Once again, every make and every vehicle is different which is why oil change intervals can range from 8,000 to 10,000 or even 15,000 km. Don't hesitate to contact your dealership for more information regarding this matter.

Which Oil Should I Use?

A pretty simple question that, unfortunately, doesn't come with a simple answer. Every vehicle is different and so is every oil change. Although synthetic oil has a clear advantage from a technical point of view, it is also much more expensive than today's refined and very effective mineral or standard oil. While it is possible to switch from mineral oil to synthetic oil, the reverse is strongly discouraged.

As automobile specialists, Groupe Park Avenue dealerships, advisors and technicians are best placed to guide you in terms of oil types and oil change intervals. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule an oil change appointment.

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