A Question of Confidence

Among the Canadian leaders in the automotive industry, Groupe Park Avenue is proud to be represented by a dedicated team perfectly balanced between young talents and established professionals. With more than 55 years of experience, our technical advisors, service department directors and certified technicians work tirelessly to provide a friendly and highly professional service.

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Certified Technicians

Much more than simple informative sessions, the advanced training courses offered by the different manufacturers allow our certified technicians and experts to continually learn and to develop new skill sets that help them provide a more efficient and faster service. At the end of their training process, every technician must pass a variety of tests before receiving a new certification. Not only does this help them progress in their career but it also guarantees a more accurate, faster and flawless work.

Cutting-edge Technology

Over the past decades, technologies have evolved at a relentless rhythm and vehicles seem to be fitted with more and more electronical components. Therefore, it is only natural that members of our service departments receive an adequate and up-to-date training that brings them to pace with the fast-evolving industry. Benefiting from state-of-the-art technology and extremely accurate diagnostic equipment, our technicians detect, intervene and correct the problem faster, which greatly helps to prevent further damage.

A Professional Service Tailored to your Needs

Certified and extremely knowledgeable, our advisors and technicians know your vehicle like the back of their hand, which is why they recommend what service is required according to your service maintenance schedule, and provide detailed and clear explanations regarding the matter. Scheduled by the manufacturer itself, these maintenance services help keep your vehicle in an overall optimal shape over a longer period of time. Our teams have your satisfaction at heart and make everything in their power to provide a personalized, friendly and highly professional service at all time.

Whether you are visiting us for a simple oil change or for a complete restoration following an unfortunate accident, our team will gladly guide you one step at a time to ensure a pleasing and hassle-free ownership experience.

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