Audi Certified Pre-Owned

Audi Certified Limited warranty covers your car for 2 years or 80,000 km. Certified vehicles are eligible to:

  • Road assistance until the end of the warranty

  • Available warranty up to 6 years or 160,000 km

  • Mechanical inspection on 328 points

  • Interest rate starting at 0.9%

  • CarProof Report for each vehicle

  • Maintenance historic available

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Road Assistance

Audi's road assistance offers multiple services:

  • Free towing to the closest Audi dealer
  • Tire repair
  • Door unlocking
  • Gas delivery


Call road assistance at 1 (800) 411-9988, and tell us:

  • Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

  • Year, model, color and license plate number of your car.

  • Your precise location.

  • What you need, what service.


No other manufacturer puts its Certified pre-owned cars through a tougher series of inspections. We closely examine every component - from safety and security systems to the engine and electrical system. As well as the undercarriage, drivetrain, suspension and transmission. We inspect the body just as rigorously, looking for dings, dents, scratches and the like. Finally, we focus our efforts on the interior of the car. Only after a comprehensive inspection completed by an authorized Audi dealership does a pre-owned car become an Audi Certified car. A visual inspection is never enough.

300+ Point Inspection and Certification

  • Safety: Seatbelts; Airbags; Sensors; Chassis Integrity; Front/Rear Brakes; All Exterior and Interior Lights; Engine Compartment; Fuel and Brake Lines

  • Engine Mounts: Transfer Case/Differential; Transmission; Drive Shafts; Fluids; Exhaust; Smog/Emissions; Engine Cooling System; Drive Belts; Front Bumper/Facia; Upper/Lower Grille; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems; Underbody Inspection; Front Suspension/Steering; Rear Suspension/Rear Axle

  • Instrument Panel Components: Gauges; Ignition; Stereo and Clock; Glove Box; Driver's Controls; Center Console; Emergency Brake; Interior Trim

  • Seat Surfaces/Door Panels: Carpeting/Mats; Steering Wheel; Headliner; Sun Visors; Rearview Mirror; Trunk Condition; Paint Condition; Chips, Scratches, Unacceptable Repairs

  • All Body Panels: Damage or Corrosion; Sunroof or Convertible Top

  • All Window Glass: Chips, Cracks or Scratches; Complete Electrical System