INFINITI Certified Pre-owned

Inspirational performance. As always.

  • 160-point mechanical inspection

  • Warranty available for up to 96 months or 160,000 km

  • CarProof vehicle history report

  • 24-hour roadside assistance

  • Exchange policy of 10 days or 1,500 km

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160-Point Inspection

The 160-point certified inspection form for used INFINITI vehicles will be signed by:

  • The Technician

  • The Service Director

  • The Pre-owned Department Director (final approval)

This form confirms that the following points were all checked:

  • Motor: 
    The cylinder block; The cylinder head; The cylinder head cover; The timing gear; The tensioners; Timing belt/chain other than maintenance; The crankshaft rocker arms; The crankshaft pulley; And more.

  • Transmission:
    The gearbox and all internal parts, including the torque converter; The oil pan; The oil cooler; The gearbox mounts; The clutch pedal and cable; The clutch locking switch; And more

  • Front Wheel Drive:
    The constant velocity joints (excluding the protective sheaths); The shafts; The axle drive housing and internal parts; The front-wheel bearings and the seals for all these parts.

  • Engine and Four Wheel Drive:
    The differential housing and all internal parts; Drive shaft; Transmission shaft; Universal joints (pivots); Constant velocity joints (except the protective sheaths); The wheel shafts, bearings and axel locks; And more.

  • High Tech Parts
    ECCS control module ;Data on air/fuel ratio and / or control of this report; Transducer back pressure for recirculation of exhaust gases; Control modules; Electronic sensors and solenoids; And more.

Parts Covered by the INFINITI Elite Protection Program

The INFINITI Elite Protection Program (IEPP) is a complete maintenance plan that covers the same elements as the limited warranty for new vehicles, found in the INFINITI warranty information booklet supplied with each vehicle and published on the INFINITI website (exceptions made for the elements described on the reverse side of the INFINITI certified used vehicle request form, in the section Elements not Covered).


The INFINITI Elite Protection Program (IEPP)

  • Free protection for the drivetrain package for 24 months or 40,000 km.

  • Many program extensions are available with INFINITI certified used vehicles:
    • 48 months/80,000 km
      must have less than 48 months and less than 70,000 km

    • 36 months/60,000 km
      must have less than 60 months and less than 90,000 km 

    • 24 months/40,000 km
      must have less than 72 months and less than 120,000 km

  • When you purchase your next INFINITI certified vehicle, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have chosen the right vehicle with:

    • A CarProof history report

    • A 10-point pre-inspection and a VIN check

    • A 160 point mechanical inspection

    • And much more

Performance Promise

The feeling of being protected and having been well served is an essential part of INFINITI customer service. That's why we give you a choice on the type of guarantee for all of our certified used vehicles. To be clear, the term 'complete' generally refers to a warranty that covers the whole car, from end to end. This one only applies to the drivetrain package so we don't want to misrepresent anything.

Every vehicle comes with a warranty of at least 24 months or 40,000 km for the drivetrain package.

24-Hour Repair Service

You can opt for a more complete plan, the INFINITI Elite Protection Program, which will cover your car for 96 months or 160,000 km.