Lexus Certified Pre-Owned

Why choose a Certified pre-owned Lexus?

  • The vehicle has been inspected on 131 points

  • Includes roadside assistance 24/24 for a minimum of 2 years

  • Includes a powertrain coverage for minimum of 2 years or 40,000 km

  • Extra-care Protection Plan is offered

  • free tank of gas

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131-point inspection

To qualify for the "Lexus Certified Pre-Owned" designation, a Lexus must undergo numerous relentless mechanical and aesthetic inspections. Lexus demands that engine, transmission, suspension and electrical components must perform as they were originally designed to. Additionally, Lexus undergoes a stringent inspection of all interior and exterior finishes to ensure the highest level of quality.

All vehicles are required to undergo a comprehensive 31 point inspection before being deemed worthy to be a Lexus Pre-owned vehicle available solely through your Lexus dealer.

  • Vehicle Servicing
    VINs match on vehicle and paperwork; Campaigns performed; Next scheduled maintenance performed (within 3,000 kms / 2 months)

  • Road Test:
    ; Starts (cold/hot); Idle; Accelerates & cruises smoothly; Engine (cold/hot & high/low speeds); 
    Transmission/Transaxle; Auto/manual operation/shifts (cold/hot); Shift interlock operates; Clutch operates (smoothly & with proper adjustment); Drive axle/transfer case operation; 
    Steering & Suspension; Steers normal (proper response, centering, free play); Struts, shocks operate; Adjustable suspension/rear hydraulics; 
    Brakes/ABS; Operate (pedal effort/height appropriate, no pulling, pulsating);
    Accessories; All gauges, speedometer, tachometer, odometer, etc operate; Cruise control system operates;
    Noise & Vibration; Check for abnormal noise & vibration.

  • Underhood:
    Engine Control System: 
    No active or stored codes (perform system check); Emission controls meet provincial requirements;
    Engine: Fluid leaks; Hoses, lines: coolant, fuel, brake, steering, vacuum, A/C (check condition, leaks); Belts (check wear, cracks, fraying, proper adjustment); Power steering pump (check for leaks, noise); Master cylinder & booster (check for leaks); Engine mounts not broken/separated; TDT print or cylinder compression test performed; Audible valve clearance check;
    Fluids - Check condition, level; add or change as required: Engine oil & filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule); Coolant (freeze point); Automatic transmission/transaxle clutch fluid; Brake fluid; Washer fluid; Power steering fluid;
    Cooling System: Radiator (perform pressure check, inspect for leaks, condition of tubes, fins); Water pump (free from leaks & unusual noise); Coolant recovery tank level sensor works;
    Fuel System: Air filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule); Fuel pump operates; Fuel filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule);
    Electrical System: Battery type, condition, fluid level, load test correct; Battery cables & mounts acceptable; Alternator output correct (check voltage); Ignition system works; Starter operates; Underhood area clean, dressed & touched up as required; All underhood labels are present; Reset CBES (Customized Body Electronic System).

  • Underbody:
     No visible damage, signs of previous repairs, no visible abnormal tire wear; Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses couplings not leaking.
    Exhaust Systems: System not damaged or leaking; 
    Transmission, Transaxle, Differential, Transfer Case: Transmission/transaxle, differential, transfer case, no leaks; check fluid levels; fill/change as required; Universal joints, CV joints, boots mounts not damaged, leaking, or excess wear/looseness;
    Tires/Wheels: All tires/wheels match, correct size; All tires' tread depth, at least 50% remaining good condition; Normal tire wear, no alignment or sidewall problems; Tire pressures are correct; Wheels cleaned, dressed, free from damage run-out normal.
    Suspension Steering: Chassis lubricated (per Maintenance Schedule); Rack pinion, linkage, boots not visibly damaged, leaking;Control arms, ball joints, bushings not visibly damaged, worn; Sway bars, links, bushings operate correctly; Springs have proper ride height (not sagged); Struts, shocks not leaking; Wheel alignment correct; Suspension control system operation;
    Brakes: Calipers, cylinders operate with no leaks; Pads/shoes at least 50% of original thickness remaining; Rotors/drums at least 50% of original thickness spec; not scored; run-out within factory specs; Brake lines, hoses, fittings not worn or leaking; Parking brake operates/adjusted; Stability/traction control system operates.

  • Vehicle Exterior:
    Body Panels Bumpers:
     Body bumpers free from damage, rust/misalignment; Chips/scratches repaired/clear-coated;
    Doors, Hood, Deck LidTailgate: Not visibly damaged; paint not mismatched or poor quality; Hood release, prop rod/gas struts operate; All emblems are present/fully attached;
    Grill, TrimRoof Rack: Components free from visible damage/attached;
    Glass, Outside Mirrors, Wipers: Windshield free from cracks/stars; Side/rear windows free from cracks/stars; Mirrors not cracked, visibly damaged; Replace wiper blades or inserts as required;
    Exterior Lights - Operate properly, lenses not damaged: Headlights aligned, auto on/off, Fog, driving lights, daytime running lights; Brake lights, high-mount brake light; Turn signals, side marker lights; Parking lights; Reverse lights; Emergency lights; License plate lights.

  • Vehicle Interior:
    Air Bags/Safety Belts: 
    Air bags intact, no codes, dash light works; Safety belts operate, free from cuts or wear;
    Heat, Vent, AC/Defrost - Operate properly; Air conditioning/heating systems; Defog/defrost (front, rear, outside mirrors if app.); 
    Audio, AlarmNavigation Systems - Operate properly: Radio, cassette, CD, DVD, remote, speakers, antenna; Vehicle security system;Navigation system;
    Interior Amenities - Operate properly, no damage: Dash/console; Tilt/telescopic steering wheel, column lock; Steering wheel operates; Horn; Wipers/washers operate in all modes; Lights - instrument panel, courtesy, dome (fade-away), map, foot; Mirror controls (rear view, side mirrors); Ashtrays, lighter, power outlet(s); Glove box, glove box light with owners manual present; Sun visors, vanity mirrors/lights; Cup holders;
    Carpet, TrimMats - Clean, no stains or damage: Carpet; Floor mats; Door trim, panels attached; Fold-down latches work; Headliner;
    Seats: Seats clean, not stained, worn, cut, cracked; All seat components/functions operate properly; Integrated child safety seats operate; Heated/cooled seats operate;
    Moonroof/Convertible Top: Moonroof operates in all modes; Convertible topcover operate; not damaged;
    WindowsDoor Locks - Operate as designed: All keys present, functioning; Handlespower modes - incl. child locks; Window controls/power modes; Remote decklid/fuel door releases;
    Luggage Compartment: Carpet, trim, cargo net; clean, not damaged; Luggage compartment light works; Jackall spare tire tools operate; Weather stripping intact, no leaking; Spare tire correct size/type, at least 50% tread remaining, no sidewall damage, air pressure correct; Hoodtrunk latches operate; First aid kit present.

  • Reconditioning/Detailing:
    Vehicle completely reconditioned to Lexus Reflections standards

  • Hybrid Components:
    Multi-information display; Inverter coolant level; Engine ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission); Hybrid system related ECU (Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit); HV (High Voltage) battery; Perform "Onboard Equalizing Charge" of HV battery (if app.); Check transaxle "park" function.

Extra-Care Protection Plan

Excellence is Worth Preserving

At Lexus, we take great pride in striving to create the world's finest automobile and in offering a manufacturer's warranty of equal caliber. However, no one can forsee the unexpected twist and turns the road has in store for us. Fortunately, you can extend beyond the new vehicle warranty and enhance your peace of mind with Lexus Extra Care Protection.


  • Peace of mind in motoring;

  • Protection against the unexpected potential repair expenses;

  • Enhanced resale value;

  • Lexus quality parts and service;

  • Manufacturer backed.

9 Terms Available

  • 48 Month/100,000 km*

  • 48 Month/120,000 km* (Upgradable)

  • 72 Month/120,000 km*

  • 72 Month/160,000 km*

  • 72 Month/180,000 km*

  • 84 Month/140,000 km*

  • 96 Month/120,000 km*

  • 96 Month/160,000 km*

  • 96 Month/200,000 km*

*Protection is provided for up to the chosen number of months or kilometers, whichever comes first.

Services Included

  • Trip Interruption
    ​In the event that a covered component fails while traveling (over 80 km away from home), Lexus Owner Protection will assist you with up to $100 per day for hotel, meals and alternative transportation expenses.

  • Vehicle Rental Assistance
    Lexus Owner Protection provides you with a $60 per day substitute transportation up to 5 days, in addition to the Lexus Loaner Car Program standard, with every Lexus (on applicable plans refer to Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement under "Special Services" for more information).

  • Travel Planning Assistance
    Let us assist you on your next road trip with a personalized travel planner; which includes colour maps; alternate routes and trip log; tour and accommodation directories and lists of Lexus Dealers, notable attractions and entertainment en route.

  • Mechanical Protection
    Component coverage includes Powertrain components, as outlined in your Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement under "New Vehicle Warranty", and other important components outlined below. With Lexus Owner Protection the length of coverage is extended from the 48 month/80,000 km to the preferred term selected.

  • Roadside Assistance Program
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year, one phone call brings emergency road service and mechanical breakdown service as outlined in your Lexus Owner's Manual Supplement under "Roadside Assistance Program". With Lexus Owner Protection, coverage is extended from the original 48 months to the preferred length of time selected with unlimited kilometers.

Services included:

  • Towing (up to 300 km per occurrence)

  • Battery boost

  • Tire change

  • Winching from ditch

  • Fuel delivery if you are stranded (up to $100 per occurrence)

  • Key lockout service

  • Spare key delivery (up to $100 each time, for any of these services)

Powertrain Coverage

  • Engine
    Engine block and all internal components, cylinder heads, oil pan, engine mounts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, harmonic balancer, flywheel, starter, air cleaner, timing belt and cover, accelerator rod and cable, vacuum pump, expansion plugs, engine dipstick and tube, valve covers, camshaft cover, timing belt tensioner, water pump, fuel pump, fan and/or motor, fluid coupling, radiator, thermostat, oil cooler and steel lines, injection pump, timing gear and chain, engine control computer, oil pump.

  • Manual Transmission/Transaxle or Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
    Case and all internal parts, transmission mounts, transmission cooler and steel lines, oil pan, clutch cover, clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, torque converter, dipstick and tube, kickdown linkage.

  • Front / Rear Wheel Drive
    Final drive housing and all internal parts, drive shafts, front hub, bearings, differential carrier assembly, axle carrier, axle case, axle bearing, rear axle hub bearings, universal joints, propeller shafts, axle housing and all internal parts, drive shaft centre supports, constant velocity joints and boots, axle shafts, front axle hub bearings.

  • Four Wheel Drive
    Transfer case and all internal components, front/centre/rear differential assemblies and all internal components, front hub and spindle assembly (including locking device).

  • Seals/Gaskets/Fluids/Filters
    All seals and gaskets used to contain fluid/lubricants within covered components, replacement of coolant, refrigerant, lubricants and filters when required as a result of a failure of a covered component.

Comprehensive Coverage - In addition to all components listed under Powertrain coverage

  • New Hybrid Components (For Hybrid Vehicles Only)
    Lexus hybrid owners can now enjoy added peace of mind with Extra Care Protection. Any New Vehicle ECP purchased on or after May 1, 2010 now extends the original warranty coverage on the following hybrid components - the HV battery, battery control module, hybrid control module, and the inverter/converter.

  • Safety Restraints
    Front and rear seatbelts, airbags.

  • Front/Rear Suspension
    Suspension arms, stabilizer bars, stabilizer links, ball joints, stabilizer bushings, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, shafts, steering knuckles.

  • Steering
    Steering column, shaft, power steering pump, power steering pulley, rack ends, steering wheel, linkage, tubes, rack end boots, steering gear, power steering fluid reservoir tank, hoses.

  • Heating/Air Conditioning
    All A/C components, blower motors, electronic heater control unit.

  • Brakes
    Master cylinder, brake booster, calipers, wheel cylinders, proportioning valve, hydraulic lines, ABS actuators, parking brake, control handle, cables, master cylinder reservoir, actuator, pedal.

  • High Tech Components
    All computers, actuators and sensors used in the following electronically controlled units and/or systems: electronic modulated suspension system, progressive power steering system, electronic controlled transmission, antilock brake system, cruise control system, body and door control computer. All sensors. including hoses, pipes, nuts, clamps, wires, switches and sensors.

  • Emission Control
    Electronic fuel injection system, distributor, ignition coil, igniter, ignition wire, fuel tank, fuel cap, hoses, pipes, air pump, air injection manifold, throttle positioner, modulator, catalytic converter, exhaust pipe (manifold to catalyst), EGR pipe, EGR valve, vacuum switching valve, all parts used in positive crank case ventilation system, air injection or air suction system, emission control sensor.

  • Electrical System
    Power window motors and regulators, exterior mirror motors, electric door lock actuators, power seat motor and gears, sunroof motor, wiper motor, washer pumps, all manually operated switches, wiring harness, speedometer and cable, wiper arms, linkage and other parts used in the preceding components and/or systems including hoses, pipes, nuts, clamps, wires, switches and sensors.

  • Body Hardware
    Door hinges (front/rear/hatch), inside door handles (front/rear/hatch), outside door handles (front/rear/ hatch), hood and hatch supports, fuel door release cable, trunk release cable, child safety door lock mechanism.