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About the Chevrolet Express

An indispensable tool, the Chevrolet Express ranks year after year among the favorites of work and transport trucks. Offering two models, standard or long, the Chevrolet Express is a 100% customizable truck because of its several powertrain options and various interior configurations. The Express was designed specifically to accommodate the needs of its driver. It offers everything one expects from a work truck, that is to say, an enormous amount of habitable space as well as powerful engines able to transport everything one might need.


Model Features


The interior of the Chevrolet Express may seem simple at first, but its minimalism hides a highly effective plan. In fact, the interior is set up to maximize storage space which is why the interior can seem emaciated. Division panels, hooks, storage boxes; an infinite amount of options are available to configure the 235+ liters of space of the standard version or the 280+ liters of the extended version.

A five seats version is also available and it is possible to add customized seating for up to twelve passengers. In addition, the Express can carry a payload of more than 10,000 lbs with an extremely sturdy frame and a solid wheelbase.

Find today the used Chevrolet Express for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Express for sale.



In order to adapt to the different needs of business customers, Chevrolet has chosen to offer three powertrain options:

- V8 4,8L with sequential injection that can produce more than 285 horsepower.

- V8 6,0L with sequential injection generating over 340 horsepower

- Duramax V8 6,6L turbo diesel with direct injection equipped with a particle filter to limit CO2 emissions.

All these motors are powered by an HydraMatic six-speed automatic transmission. The HydraMatic is a high-performance electronic transmission is specifically designed for work vehicles requiring additional durability. The Chevrolet Express has a rear-wheel traction allowing it more power when carrying heavy loads. It is also equipped with an automatic locking rear differential to maximize traction. Find today the used Chevrolet Express for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Express for sale.


Although the design is not necessarily what appeals the most when looking at a work truck, the Chevrolet Express still offers an honest and interesting look.

Each line is designed to allow the Express to maximize its load. Its longer wheelbase allows it to benefit from a higher and longer frame, giving it the robust look desired for this type of truck. Halogen headlights are perfectly integrated with the prominent grille, within its center the classic Chevrolet cross. The front and rear bumpers are both made of matte black plastic, as are mirrors and handles, giving the Express an even more rugged look.

Find today the used Chevrolet Express for you by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Express for sale.