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About the Chevrolet Trax

A worthy descendant of the popular Chevrolet Tracker, the Chevrolet Trax even still bears this name in some countries. Having been introduced in 2013, the Trax is a fairly recent model that meets a growing need in the automotive market: the crossover. The Trax combines perfectly the muscular attributes sought by lovers of SUVs while providing a more compact figure suited to urban driving. Its engine is also adapted to the new needs of a clientele increasingly aware of the environment without compromising on power.


Model Features


In the great tradition of generously equipped Chevrolet vehicles, the Chevrolet Trax is no exception. It offers more than a hundred of standard features that will greatly enhance the driving experience of its occupants. All the windows and doors are electric and the latter can be controlled remotely. A complete digital instrumentation dashboard, comprising among others a compass, is provided and allows for a better reading of the different variables of driving. All seats are covered by fabric but can also be covered with leather as an option. The driver's seat offers several levels of adjustments in addition to an adjustable lumbar support. Heated front seats are optionally available. OnStar is standard and offers, with a subscription, a range of services ranging from emergency services to WiFi on board. Find today the used Chevrolet Trax you need by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Trax for sale.



In the Chevrolet Trax, everything is carefully designed to provide a perfect visual signature while offering a level of ergonomics that is sure to make the competition blush. The dashboard, with its touch screen and easy-access controls, gives a sporty look to this multi-segment. When examining the outside, it is clear that the Trax is one of the most versatile vehicles in the Chevy range. With an excellent ground clearance and a slightly reduced width, Trax offers generous interior space but can also sneak into the maze of the city. This narrower wheelbase allows it to offer greater responsiveness to the driver. Its sinuous lines admirably blend well with the dual prominent grilles that characterize the Trax. Find today the used Chevrolet Trax you need by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Trax for sale.



Although it offers only one powertrain option, the Chevrolet Trax is not less interesting on mechanical and consumption levels. This engine is an EcoTec 1.4L I4 with a powerful turbocharger that gives it strong acceleration. This engine can produce up to 138 horsepower and is equipped with VVT (variable valve timing) to control the intake of oxygen in the engine to limit its CO2 emissions. It is therefore not surprising that this engine has a combined consumption below 10 liters per 100 km. The Trax also offers an all-wheel drive version as well as a five-speed manual transmission and a six-speed automatic gearbox. Find today the used Chevrolet Trax you need by browsing our inventory of Chevrolet Trax for sale.