Dodge Challenger for sale, Used Dodge Challenger on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

An electrifying symbol of untamed power, the Dodge Challenger is a sports car that delivers astonishing performance and exhilarating driving sensations. An icon in the automotive industry and a true classic Muscle Car, the Dodge Challenger represents the true American power in its purest form. A legend that has established itself as a true contender in the 70's, the modern Dodge Challenger came back to life in 2008 and has since joyfully conquered many hearts and roads. Strongly inspired by its ancestor from 1971, the newest generation of Dodge Challenger stands out with its monstrous powertrains and striking look.

Massive, ferocious and undeniably baffling, the Dodge Challenger is a legend on four wheels that strikes at first sight. Inspired by the legendary muscle car that crisscrossed the roads in the 70's, the latest Dodge Challenger boasts the redesigned split front grille surrounded by the iconic round headlamps. To honor its predecessor, the American muscle car features angular shapes and powerful lines which contribute to create a bold sense of power and attitude. To highlight its ferocious character, three different hoods are available, each specifically designed to suit the performance and specifications of each model, along with several set of wheels of different styles and sizes. Viewed from the side, the iconic silhouette is accented by an elongated hood, a very short trunk lid and a muscular and distinctive roofline. Available on selected models, the Scat Pack appearance group features several body and interior modifications that instantly enhance the Dodge Challenger's iconic design. Quickly find a used Dodge Challenger by browsing our selection of Dodge Challenger for sale.

A muscle car like no other, the Dodge Challenger is offered with 4 different powertrain choices, each as ferocious as the next. From the modern V6 Pentastar to the monstrous 6.2L Supercharged HEMI V8, each of these engines packs a punch and enables the Dodge Challenger to tear the road apart with passion and attitude. While a TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission comes standard, a heavy-duty Tremec 6-speed manual transmission is also available. A precious addition to the Dodge Challenger, the available Launch Control system maximizes grip and acceleration by controlling wheel spin and reducing wheel hop. The result is a tremendous start, every time. Obviously, these performances are supported by a powerful braking system along with an advanced suspension system and an extremely precise steering which result in superior cornering and handling. Quickly find a used Dodge Challenger by browsing our selection of Dodge Challenger for sale.

A legendary car refreshed and modernized to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of comfort and technology, the modern edition of the Dodge Challenger boasts a sublime cabin that brilliantly reflects the level of performance it has to offer. A powerful symbol of uncompromising, raw American power, the cabin of the Dodge Challenger exudes sportiveness and screams performance. Designed and developed to satisfy even the most demanding drivers, it is fitted with an impressive, driver-oriented instrument panel along with an asymmetrical center console which promotes an intuitive and simple navigation. A high performance with a practical side, the Dodge Challenger seats up to five passengers with plenty of headroom, rear-seat legroom and cargo volume. A modern beast with a luxurious twist, the Dodge Challenger is simply sensational. Quickly find a used Dodge Challenger by browsing our selection of Dodge Challenger for sale.