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About the Dodge Viper

A muscle car that delivers astonishing performances, the Dodge Viper is much more than a regular sports car, it's a supercar. Released in 1992 and refined over the years, the American beast has always been able to seduce even the most fearless drivers, thanks to its monstrous powertrain and striking design. A ferocious and dominating machine,  the Dodge Viper fully assumes its nature and provides its lucky driver with a sensational driving experience. Slightly more civilized than in the past, yet even more powerful, the Dodge Viper is ready to go for another round.

Model Features


A supercar particularly appreciated by men since the very beginning, the Dodge Viper screams muscle and speed. From every angle, the monstrous American muscle car exudes confidence and power. Its elongated hood features the classic Dodge Viper cold-air intake. The bumper is fitted with striking air inlets that greatly increase brake cooling. Everything is in place to create a war machine ready to shred the road. Viewed from the side, the dual side sport exhaust, powerful lines and rear spoiler highlight a broad, and particularly athletic silhouette. Ingeniously designed, the Dodge Viper doesn't try to hide its ferocious nature, not more than its aggressive character, it embraces it. Quickly find a used Dodge Viper by browsing our selection of Dodge Viper for sale.


Specifically designed to suit the thrill seekers, the Dodge Viper pushes the boundaries established by its predecessors from one generation to the next. More civilized, yet more powerful than ever, today's Dodge Viper is powered by a monstrous 8.4L V10 that generates more than 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, a new record for a naturally aspirated engine. This workhorse is mated to a Tremec close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, which, just like its name suggests, offers faster gear-shifts and, therefore, better acceleration. Speaking of which, this combination allows the Dodge Viper to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3 seconds! Obviously, these components are paired with a high-performance braking system along with a four-wheel independent suspension, making it an incredibly dominating machine on the racetrack. An exceptional car for exceptional people, the Dodge Viper is a pure beast. Quickly find a used Dodge Viper by browsing our selection of Dodge Viper for sale.


Better equipped than many rivals, the Dodge Viper obviously isn't as comfortable or as smooth as a luxury sedan, and it's fine like this. It goes without saying, this mechanical beast is intended for adrenaline junkies and high-performance enthusiasts as evidenced by its extremely stiff suspension which let you feel every road bump. While it may lack in smoothness, the Dodge Viper largely compensates when it comes to technological features and fit and finish. It's race-inspired interior is fitted with high-performance race seats that strike a perfect balance between comfort and lateral support. The steering wheel features several controls and the dashboard is fitted with a complete in-cluster display. Light years away from a minivan, the Dodge Viper still offers surprising cargo space, considering the nature of the vehicle. Refined and upscaled, yet still untamable, the Dodge Viper is simply mindblowing. Quickly find a used Dodge Viper by browsing our selection of Dodge Viper for sale.