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About the F12berlinetta

A vehicle that has set the standard in terms of raw power, the Ferrari F12berlinetta is a 2-door grand tourer or as Italians like to call it, Gran Turismo. Unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show as a replacement for the discontinued 599 GTB, the F12berlinetta was then the most powerful front-engine car produced by the legendary manufacturer with the Prancing Horse. Elected as the Supercar of the Year 2012 by the prestigious automobile magazine Top Gear, the F12berlinetta, transmits its power to the rear wheels, promoting unrivalled driving sensations. A beast designed for the racetrack and tuned to be enjoyed on the road, the Ferrari F12berlinetta is not for the faint of heart.


Model Features


Since its release in 2012, the Ferrari F12berlinetta has earned a myriad of prizes thanks to its stunning exterior design and the unprecedented levels of performance it has to offer. A more advanced, more evolved version of the already exciting 599 GTB, which was itself derived from the famous 550 Maranello, the F12berlinetta boasts an exquisite look.

Indeed, in order to welcome its monstrous V12 engine positioned in the front, the vehicle stands out with its elongated, muscular nose and innovating system of airflows that blends voluptuous shapes and precisely sculpted surfaces. A special grand tourer capable of defying most exotic supercars, the Ferrari F12berlinetta combines lightweight materials with stunning aerodynamics resulting in an exceptional vehicle that doesn’t go unnoticed.

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Although its design might at first be reminiscent of that of other vehicles such as the Jaguar XK-R or Mercedes SL550, the Ferrari F12berlinetta truly stands out from most grand tourers since it offers unrivaled levels of performance. Indeed, despite its rather uncommon configuration for a vehicle with this much power at hand, the Berlinetta is very capable of competing against most more powerful rear-engine exotic supercars.

As it names suggests, it is fitted with an extremely energetic 6.2-liter V12 engine with more than 720 horsepower. The latter allows to Berlinetta to jump from standstill to 100 km/h in just over 3 seconds. An impressive feature, compared to many supercars, in the case of the Berlinetta, power is transmitted to the rear wheels only, making it even more thrilling to drive.

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While it is extremely capable of delivering unrivaled levels of performance, the Ferrari F12berlinetta doesn’t skimp on details and provides its passengers with superior levels of comfort. After all, being a premium grand tourer, it is designed for those who enjoy driving for long hours and don’t want to suffer back pain after a few kilometers.

To do so, engineers responsible for the Berlinetta made sure to design a rich and inviting interior. Thus, the cabin is much roomier than one could expect and the suspension, despite its natural firmness, allows for long peaceful journeys. An exceptional supercar, the Ferrari F12berlinetta takes back where the 599 GTB left with even more style and grit.

Quickly find a used Ferrari F12berlinetta by browsing our inventory of Ferrari F12berlinetta for sale.