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About the LaFerrari

The most technologically advanced, most powerful car ever created by the legendary Prancing Horse brand, the Ferrari LaFerrari is a limited production hybrid supercar capable of delivering transcending levels of performance. Ferrari’s flagship car, the LaFerrari carries on the manufacturer’s tradition of excellence while replacing iconic vehicles such as the Ferrari F40, F50 and more recently, the Enzo. An exceptional vehicle produced in less than 500 units, 499 to be exact, the Ferrari LaFerrari redefines the concept high-performance in the automotive industry.


Model Features


Top Gear’s Car of the Year 2014, the Ferrari LaFerrari was marketed as the manufacturer’s most evolved, most refined, most impressive vehicle to date when it was released in 2013. Unlike many other Ferraris, the LaFerrari was designed by Centro Style instead of the traditional team at Pininfarina.

Thus, the Italian stallion benefits from a unique look that relies on aerodynamics first and foremost. This special treatment, paired with Ferrari’s most strict design criteria have resulted in a silhouette that is not only well balanced  but also futuristic and extremely enticing. Regardless of where you’re standing, the Ferrari LaFerrari naturally catches the eyes thanks to voluptuous shapes, racy lines and unparalleled elements of design.

Quickly find a used Ferrari LaFerrari by browsing our inventory of Ferrari LaFerrari for sale.



The Ferrari LaFerrari has not only been strongly inspired by the Ferrari F1, it actually shares several key technologies and systems with it. Systems and technologies that give it enough power to break records and deliver unprecedented levels of performance.

First of all, the LaFerrari is built on a state-of-the-art platform made of carbon fiber, a material that is both extremely rigid and lightweight. Moreover, it is powered by a V12 engine with more than 800 horsepower paired with a 120KW electric motor resulting in a total output of close to 950 horsepower, a 0-100 km/h time of less than three seconds and a top end speed of 350 km/h. Furthermore, the LaFerrari underwent several test including F1 wind tunnel testing, making it one of the most aero-efficient car ever created. Needless to say, the beast from Maranello literally flies through the air.

Quickly find a used Ferrari LaFerrari by browsing our inventory of Ferrari LaFerrari for sale.



In addition to helping delivering levels of performance usually reserved for cars designed for the racetracks, carbon fiber, from which the Ferrari LaFerrari is made, also provides optimal protection in case of impact. In fact, the LaFerrari’s structure is made out of four different layers of carbon fiber that help protect the vehicle’s from road debris and damage.

In addition to carbon fiber, the Ferrari LaFerrari is also equipped with several assistance systems and electronic controls as well as a tremendous regenerative braking system taken from the F1.

Ferocious like no other and yet extremely safe, the Ferrari LaFerrari is a sensational vehicle from every angle.Quickly find a used Ferrari LaFerrari by browsing our inventory of Ferrari LaFerrari for sale.