My first steps with a motorcycle: courses at Tecnic Rive-Sud and the SAAQ

March 17, 2019 (Last modified on May 1, 2019)

On February 28th, I took my theory course at Tecnic Rive-Sud to prepare for the SAAQ test on March 14th

Watch the video below to find out if I passed my motorcycle theory test at the SAAQ and learn more about the steps to follow with the Tecnic motorbike driving school.

MOTORBIKE RECOMMENDATION # 1: Register quickly for your exam at the SAAQ.As soon as the date for your theory course is set, I strongly suggest you register as soon as possible for your theory test at the
SAAQ. Why? 

1 –  The surge in demands at the SAAQ (and there are a lot in the spring!) will determine the date of your test. The sooner you request it, the sooner you'll get it!

2 – You have to pass this theory test to be able to begin the practical training on the track and the road.

MOTORBIKE RECOMMENDATION # 2: Attend the theory classes

I recently learned from some students in my class that they had failed their first SAAQ test, and it is my instructor’s opinion that the theory test is probably the most difficult (and boring!) stage of the process to becoming a motorbike rider. Obviously, the goal of the SAAQ test is to trap you, so listen carefully to your Tecnic instructor: it's your guide to success!​ As for me, I read the book during the days leading up to my course and everything went just fine at the SAAQ. Here is a recap of the steps to follow to obtain a motorbike license with the Tecnic Rive-Sud driving school.

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À bientôt !

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