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About the Ford Explorer

Proud successor of the legendary Ford Bronco, the Ford Explorer is one of the first modern SUVs ever produced by the American manufacturer. Since 1990, the Ford Explorer has become one of the most popular trucks in its class. Several versions and special editions have emerged over the years, as well as a model specifically designed for emergency services. Spacious, powerful and versatile, the Ford Explorer has everything to please a wide range of customers.

Model Features


Coming standard with a powerful V6 engine capable of producing over 290 horsepower, we can definitely say that the American manufacturer did not skimp on the power of the Ford Explorer. Two other engines are also available as options, both with the EcoBoost system. The first being an I4 able to develop more than 239 horsepower and offering the best energy efficiency. The second one is a V6 engine that is more power-focused and provides the Ford Explorer with impressive towing performances. As a matter of fact, that engine is capable of producing more than 364 horsepower, which allows the Ford Explorer a towing capacity of more than 5,000 pounds. Both V6 engines are also available in 4-wheel drive for maximum power and traction in all conditions. This intelligent 4-wheel drive analyzes the rotation of each wheel in order to independently distribute power and provide maximum traction. Quickly find a used Ford Explorer by browsing through our Ford Explorer for sale.


With a broad and solid frame, the Ford Explorer is an incredibly versatile and spacious SUV. This truck is fitted with three rows of seats that can accommodate up to 7 passengers, two of which can be lowered completely in order to give way to the load of your choice. When the third row is lowered, it is even possible to seat up to 5 passengers while enjoying more than 1,240 liters of cargo space in the Ford Explorer. When the last two rows are lowered, it's more than 2,285 liters that are available as the seats fold perfectly into the floor of the Ford Explorer, providing an even surface which makes loading and unloading way easier. In addition, the PowerFold system is optional and allows electrical folding of the third-row seats. Quickly find a used Ford Explorer by browsing through our Ford Explorer for sale.


Over the years, Ford designers have developed a myriad of technologies in order to offer the safest vehicles possible and those technologies have been widely spread throughout the design of the Ford Explorer. Of course, most of these features are standard, such as the post-crash alert system, the rollover, traction and stability control systems as well as lower child seat hooks. The Safety Canopy system is also very interesting because it allows active protection of passengers by deploying the airbags differently depending on the strength and location of impact on the Ford Explorer. The tire pressure monitoring system, rear-view camera and the Securilock passive anti-theft system are also standard. Quickly find a used Ford Explorer by browsing through our Ford Explorer for sale.