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About the Ford Mustang

Here is a legendary vehicle that practically requires no introduction. The Ford Mustang has more than six generations and fifty years of history, a feat in the automotive world. Powerful engine, wide wheelbase, luxurious interior, convertible option; the Ford Mustang has all the advantages sought in a high-end sports car. The Ford Mustang represents the pinnacle of performance for Ford and is recognized internationally as one of the most successful sports cars of all time.

Model Features


Let your passion for speed thrive to the sound of the powerful, standard V6 engine of the Ford Mustang. It also comes standard with a manual gearbox with six gears allowing optimum engine performance, at high or low revolution. For those wishing to bring their love of power to another level, the Ford Mustang can optionally be equipped with an impressive 5.0 L V8 engine capable of developing more than 430 horsepower. Ford has also equipped all Ford Mustang's with 18 inches wheels in order to offer the remarkable handling that one would expect from a high‑performance vehicle like the Ford Mustang. Notably, Ford also offers an option with an EcoBoost engine consuming less than 7,6L / 100 km on the highway to appeal to environmentally conscious drivers but still wanting a performance sports car. Quickly find a used Ford Mustang by browsing our selection of Ford Mustang for sale.


The look of the Ford Mustang has evolved over the years, but Ford has managed to preserve the essence and heritage of the model while keeping it as updated as possible. The predominant hood and grille proudly display the powerful horse, the pride of all Ford Mustang owners that can still be found on the newer editions. However, the lines and curves coupled with a wider and lower body than its predecessors make a huge difference in the Ford Mustang's aerodynamics. These changes allow an impressive cornering stability for a more aggressive and sporty driving. The cabin is also thought-based on performance since the designers have seen fit to put the cup holders and other accessories away from the gear stick to allow fluid and pleasant movements for the driver. The addition of a smaller steering wheel also allows better control and an overall better driving experience. Quickly find a used Ford Mustang by browsing our selection of Ford Mustang for sale.


The Ford Mustang offers an impressive level of comfort for a sports car. Indeed, two bucket seats in the front provide all the comfort needed to fully appreciate the agile driving of the Ford Mustang, while the driver seat is positioned lower to increase the sporty feel. The MyKey system is also available standard to customize the driving experience and impose certain restrictions when needed. Of course, the Ford Mustang is equipped with an impressive nine speakers standard sound system and can be fitted with a 390-watt system with 12 speakers option. It is also equipped with an onboard computer and a keyless start system. Quickly find a used Ford Mustang by browsing our selection of Ford Mustang for sale.