Buying a Used Car

At Groupe Park Avenue, we understand that buying a used car represents an important investment. Therefore, we make sure that you enjoy a transparent experience which allows you to purchase with complete confidence. That's why we provide you the following guarantee when buying a used car.

CarProof Report

CarProof, Logos. The CarProof report aggregates the vehicle's insurance claim history. Groupe Park Avenue dealerships offer it with every used vehicle since knowing its background insures a smooth and safe buying experience. Download a sample (PDF) >

Avoid any bad surprise: look for the CarProof symbols on the right when buying your used car and consult the vehicle history report to make a clear choice.

Market Report

Inventory specialist accompanying two clients. The market report explains in detail the positioning of our price on the market by comparing our offer with those of the surrounding competitors, allowing you to know the facts and make an informed choice when buying a used car. Download a sample (PDF) >

Vehicle Condition Report

Two mechanics inspecting a vehicle. All of our vehicles are rigorously inspected for overall aesthetic and mechanical value. We are constantly trying to offer quality vehicles, ones without any visible body damage that make you feel like you're walking amongst an inventory of brand new cars when buying a used car.