Vehicle History

An essential information that shouldn’t be overlooked, the vehicle’s history reveals a ton of highly valuable information. It’s quite simple, it’s pretty much the same as when you shop for a house, you want to know what kind of work has been done lately and what needs to be done. An inspection performed by a specialist should provide all the information you need.

On the other hand, if you are trying to sell your vehicle, gather all the receipts regarding the latest performed maintenance services and repairs. This helps build trust between you and your potential buyer and also justify a slightly higher price.

CarProof® & Accident Reports

A vehicle that has never been involved in an accident is worth more than its counterpart that was unfortunately not so lucky. Easy to find on the Internet and available for a few bucks, the CarProof® report sheds light on the vehicle's history. Furthermore, the CarProof® report includes the following details:

  • Reported Accidents and Damage Estimates

  • Lien Records

  • Canadian Registration

  • Stolen Status

  • U.S. History

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, try to provide as many details, receipts and reports as you can. Circumstances of the accident, damage estimates, etc. After all, it’s a matter of trust.

Assess the Value of your Trade-in Vehicle