Overall Look of the Vehicle

The first thing one will notice when getting closer to your car is how it actually looks. Has the vehicle been taken care of both inside and out in the past?

The cabin

Behind the wheel is actually the place where the owner will spend most of its time. Naturally, when you look at a pre-owned vehicle you can’t expect the cabin to be as clean or flawless as that of a brand new one. However, there are several key elements to look at to know what needs to be done or what has already been done:

  • Carpet, seats and fabric condition: look for stains, dents or burn marks.
  • Plastic condition: any missing, broken or scratched parts?
  • Cleanliness and odors: Did the previous owner smoke in its vehicle? Was the vehicle used for delivery? Does it look like or smell like a garbage can?

While this is not an exhaustive list, it does feature most key points that will influence the resale value of a vehicle.

Exterior Look & Condition

Visually speaking, how does it look? Are there traces of rust, dents, marks, scratches? Is the paint even all around or are there matte spots? How are the body parts? Are there any missing or broken parts? Don’t forget the windshield. Is it in perfect shape or is cracked or scratched? In some cases, a quick visit at a certified car detailing service provider can help you obtain a higher resale value for your vehicle. Treatments like paint decontamination, wax and polish or the application of an active compound can correct several flaws at a low cost and in no time. Never forget, a clean looking vehicle is always more attractive than a dirty or rusty one.

Assess the Value of your Trade-in Vehicle