Sell or Trade-in?

Quite possibly one of the most interesting dilemmas you might be facing when shopping for a new car. How can I get the most out of my car, should I sell it by myself or trade it in for a new one? The answer is actually quite simple: with all the tools, third-parties and other information available on the Internet, selling a vehicle by yourself will almost assuredly deliver better results in terms of price.

That being said, selling a vehicle might also require some time and patience. While it might not be the most complicated operation, be prepared to receive a few calls or emails from potential buyers who want to negotiate over the phone and actually never show up to their appointment or people asking you to ship your vehicle overseas (beware of scams), as well as tire kickers or lowballers. At the end, the juice is still worth the squeeze, at least in most cases.

On the other, if you decide to trade in your vehicle to a Groupe Park Avenue dealership, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get:

  • Have your vehicle evaluated by all our pre-owned sales managers at once, from the comfort of your living room. Plus, obtain up to $1,500 more than anywhere else for your used vehicle.

  • A selling price and the value of the two applicable taxes.

  • Skip the SAAQ line, we take care of everything right at the dealership.

  • An effortless and transparent transaction. No time wasted on the creation of one or several ads.

  • A price that reflects the actual market.

Assess the Value of your Trade-in Vehicle