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$8,495 $9,106
Engine2.4L 4-Cylinder DOHC 16V
Transmission4-Speed Automatic
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue Laval
Stock NumberB8998A

About Hatchbacks

Hatchback vehicles are very popular. Their main feature is the tailgate, which means they have a rear trunk door that integrates the window and opens upward. Depending on the desired loading space, compact, subcompact and family cars equipped with a hatchback can be easily obtained from virtually every manufacturer of hatchback vehicles for sale.

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Hatchback Vehicles: The Advantages

The convenience of this type of vehicle remains its greatest advantage in several respects. First, the hatchback provides extra space with respect to height at the rear of the car, making it safe and easy to load items. What’s more, when equipped with rear seats that can be folded down into the floor, the cargo space is expanded even further.

Next comes their versatility. Because they are available in many different sizes, compact hatchback vehicles consume less fuel, delivering better environmental and economical performance, and are easier to park in urban areas. The larger models are intended for households that do not want to forgo the convenience of dimensions less accommodating than an SUV while enjoying the extra space that will make your journeys so comfortable.

Hatchback Vehicles: The Disadvantages

In spite of everything, hatchback vehicles are on average smaller than sedans, so a more compact cabin is to be expected.