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About the Honda Civic

Canada's best-selling car for sixteen years in a row, the Honda Civic is an iconic piece of engineering in the competitive automotive industry. Originally released as a subcompact car back in 1972, the Honda Civic migrated towards a compact size in 2001 and is now available in Coupe and Sedan variants for everyone's delight. A stylish, fuel-efficient and extremely capable vehicle, the Honda Civic has carved itself a place of choice in the heart of many critics and enthusiasts thanks to its legendary reliability and enhanced driving dynamics.

Model Features


Slightly larger than when it was first released, the Honda Civic features astonishing aerodynamics that greatly enhance the natural flow of its sleek silhouette. The steep angle of the windshield and hood greatly improves the vehicle's drag coefficient and also adds to the Honda Civic good looks. Always a step ahead of the competition, Honda's protégé, now more than ever, still boasts a bold exterior design that made it famous.

Available in both Coupe and Sedan variants, the Honda Civic Si is the high-performance edition of the model. It features better aerodynamics and exclusive parts such as oversized wheels, side-skirts and other aesthetic modifications that perfectly underline its athletic nature.

A true performer that always leads the pack, the Honda Civic is a charismatic specimen. Quickly find a new Honda Civic or used Honda Civic by browsing through our selection of Honda Civic for sale.


The most popular car in the country, the Honda Civic quickly distinguished itself from the competition with its astonishing driving dynamics and unrivaled performances. A brilliant technology that was rapidly imitated, the i-VTEC technology provides superb fuel economy as well as strong acceleration. Developing more than 200 horsepower, the engine that lies in the Honda Civic Si was strongly inspired by Honda's racing heritage and delivers an exceptional driving experience.

Although an automatic transmission is available, most purists will prefer the 6-speed manual transmission, paired with the Si's helical limited slip differential. Uncommonly precise, this combination offers sensationally quick shifts as well as improved handling and control. What's more, the Honda Civic Si is fitted with large front and rear stabilizer bars as well as 4-wheel disc brakes which results in a reassuring, comfortable, agile and enjoyable ride.

Quickly find a new Honda Civic or used Honda Civic by browsing through our selection of Honda Civic for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

Impressive from beginning to end, the Honda Civic offers a surprising, dynamic and distinguished driving experience. A unique vehicle of an extremely versatile nature, the Honda Civic combines stunning performance with maximum fuel efficiency. Ingeniously designed, the aerodynamic design helps create a sleek silhouette that slice through the air with grace and pride.

Only available in the Sedan variant, the Honda Civic Hybrid powertrain provides even better fuel-economy and propels the Honda Civic to new heights. The combination of a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine with a permanent magnet electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Hybrid technology ensures greater saving at the pump without sacrificing style or handling. What's more, the Honda Civic Hybrid is fitted with an intelligent CVT as well as the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system.

Quickly find a new Honda Civic or used Honda Civic by browsing through our selection of Honda Civic for sale.