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About the Honda CR-Z

The long-awaited return of a model that has marked several generations of enthusiasts, the Honda CR-Z is a stunning, sporty hybrid coupe that offers thrilling and refined performances. One of the most popular model in the late 80's and at the beginning of the 90's, its predecessor, the Honda CR-X, was a spirited, agile and astounding specimen. Remarkably improved and updated to suit today's market, the Honda CR-Z takes back the torch. Splendid and modernized, the Honda CR-Z really stands apart.

Model Features


A natural-born athlete with superior responsiveness, the Honda CR-Z boasts a sleek exterior design with teeth. Strongly inspired by its predecessor, the Honda CR-Z is the most compact vehicle offered in the Honda lineup.

A true two-seater, the Japanese coupe showcases an aggressive and dynamic exterior design. Its low-to-the-ground, wide forward stance inspires a strong sense of power and speed. Its athletic front bumper is flanked by two imposing air intakes and features a distinctive, redesigned grille that highlights its sporty nature.

From the side, the silhouette is characterized by a broad shoulder line that abruptly ends at the junction between the roof and tailgate. Highlighted by LED tail lights and an available tailgate spoiler, the rear ends instantly draws attention and charms with its original styling.

Quickly find a new Honda CR-Z or used Honda CR-Z by browsing through our selection of Honda CR-Z for sale.


A sporty coupe with a flamboyant design, the Honda CR-Z provides a dynamic and responsive ride. Filling in for the departed CR-X, the Honda CR-Z surely is up to the task and delivers surprising and spirited performance. The only hybrid in Canada that comes with an optional manual transmission, the Honda CR-Z really isn't a typical hybrid car. Moreover, this 6-speed manual transmission provides its driver with greater control while also enhancing the Honda CR-Z's handling and agility.

Nimble and efficient, this hybrid powertrain doesn't follow the regular hybrid trend and combines powerful acceleration with ecstatic driving dynamics, as if it doesn't realize it is actually a true hybrid. Short and muscular, Honda's protégé has three driving modes to choose from, including a sport mode, based on your preferences and driving style. An additional punch, the Plus Sport System is activated at the push of a button and delivers an instant boost in acceleration for a short period of time, regardless of the chosen driving mode.

Quickly find a new Honda CR-Z or used Honda CR-Z by browsing through our selection of Honda CR-Z for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

A sporty hybrid coupe with electrifying driving dynamics, the Honda CR-Z rips up the road with astounding confidence. Propelled by the combination of a nimble 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine with a permanent magnet electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, Honda's protégé eats up the miles with spirit while providing exceptional fuel efficiency.

While it also optimizes fuel economy, the ECON driving mode does not sacrifice the overall ride's dynamics and driving experience. Just like a personal coach, the Eco Assist function helps you develop optimal driving habits which directly leads to better mileage. A nimble ride with green perspectives, the Honda CR‑Z is not your regular hybrid car, it's a dynamic go-kart that packs a punch.

Quickly find a new Honda CR‑Z or used Honda CR‑Z by browsing through our selection of Honda CR‑Z for sale.