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About the Honda Fit

A subcompact with a taste for adventure and luxury, the Honda Fit truly is an exciting creature. Known as the Jazz in Europe, the Honda Fit created a big surprise when it was first released in 2001 and is still one of the critics' favorites. As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by it cover. Well, this is exactly the case with the Honda Fit. A larger than nature subcompact, the Honda Fit impresses with its ecstatic design, excellent fuel efficiency and high-end, exceptionally versatile interior. A small vehicle that bites, the Honda Fit amazes at every turn.

Model Features


Dynamic and refined, the Honda Fit boasts a stunning look with distinctive European design elements. The lines smoothly flow all the way across the body while the silhouette is greatly enhanced by pronounced shapes. The sporty front bumper features deeply carved air inlets and a ravishingly beautiful front grille merged with elegant, streamlined headlights that instantly catch the eye. From the side, the strong character line underlines an athletic allure that cuts flawlessly through the air. The Honda Fit also features a highly-raked windshield/bumper combo that helps to substantially reduce the vehicle's drag coefficient. Audacious and functional, the rear end is adorned with slim and sleek rear lights that greatly improve the vehicles good looks and visibility. Electrifying and surprising, the Honda Fit certainly does not shy away from the competition. Easily find a new Honda Fit or used Honda Fit by browsing through our selection of Honda Fit for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

A subcompact car that packs a punch, the Honda Fit perfectly follows the footsteps of its predecessors and offers a thrilling and fuel-efficient driving experience. A relatively small component with nerves of steel, the 1.5-litre with direct injection DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with the Earth Dreams technology provides surprising performance and improved efficiency. While the Honda Fit comes standard with a precise 6-speed manual transmission, a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with optional steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters is also available in most recent models.

Found on trims with the available CVT is the ECON button which greatly improves fuel-efficiency by adjusting the engine and other non-essential functions. What's more, the Eco Assist system is like a personal coach that helps you get better mileage and spend more time on the road rather than at the pump. Let's not forget, the Honda Fit is a purebred Honda product which means you get all the fuel-efficient experience without sacrificing superb driving dynamics and uncommon maneuvrability.

Easily find a new Honda Fit or used Honda Fit by browsing through our selection of Honda Fit for sale.


Don't get fooled by the its subcompact size, the Honda Fit truly is one the most versatile and dynamic vehicle on the road. Thanks to the highly adaptable 60/40 split second-row Magic Seat, the Honda Fit easily suits any space needs. Need more headroom? Fold the second-row magic seat to free about 4-feet from top to bottom and easily carry cargo that needs to stand upright.

Not so tall but rather bulky items? Fold down the second-row Magic Seat and free up to almost 1,500 liters of cargo space. Carrying a pair of skis or extra-long items in a hatchback has never been easier. Simply fold down the right side of the rear seat, fold back the front passenger seat and voilà!.

Luxurious, dynamic and versatile, the Honda Fit is ready for anything, or almost. Easily find a new Honda Fit or used Honda Fit by browsing through our selection of Honda Fit for sale.