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About the Honda Ridgeline

When it comes to creating something out of the box, no one does it better than Honda. An athletic pickup truck with enhanced driving dynamics, the Honda Ridgeline has created a big and pleasing surprise when it was released in 2005. Motortrend's 2006 Truck of the Year, the Honda Ridgeline is sourced from Honda's luxury SUV, the Honda Pilot, and delivers surprising performances on all surfaces. Uncommonly practical, incredibly versatile, enduring and hard working, the Honda Ridgeline brings a breath of fresh air and offers a unique and exciting driving experience.

Model Features


An extraordinary vehicle with a stunning design. the Honda Ridgeline separates itself from the competition at first sight. Significantly different than what is usually expected from a pickup truck, the design of the Honda Ridgeline clearly puts him in a class of its own. Based on the the same platform as its fellow SUV brother, the Honda Pilot, the Japanese pickup truck boasts a dynamic blacked-out honeycomb grille that does not go unnoticed.

The Honda Ridgeline truly is a standout truck, thus, there is actually no physical separation between the cargo bed and the cabin. What's more, the muscular wheel arches and sports wheels perfectly underline the vehicle's adventurous nature. Undeniably one of the most dynamic and surprising vehicle ever created by Honda, the Honda Ridgeline is all about playful work.

Quickly find a new Honda Ridgeline or used Honda Ridgeline by browsing through our selection of Honda Ridgeline for sale.


All the advantages of a rugged pickup truck without the inconveniences that usually come with it, the Honda Ridgeline offers a sensational driving experience. Sourced from the popular, luxurious Honda Pilot, the Honda Ridgeline is fitted with Honda's Variable Torque Management 4-wheel drive system which ensures high levels of traction on all surfaces.

Truly one of a kind, Honda's dynamic pickup truck is the only truck with an independent rear suspension. Along with an integrated closed-box frame, this feature greatly enhances the vehicle's handling and maneuvrability. It combines great off-road abilities with on-road responsiveness and sportiness, resulting in a versatile and agile ride at all time. Just like the Honda Pilot, the Honda Ridgeline is powered by a generous V6 i-VTEC engine which combines great fuel economy with gutsy acceleration.

Quickly find a new Honda Ridgeline or used Honda Ridgeline by browsing through our selection of Honda Ridgeline for sale.


Thanks to a muscular exterior design and ingenious cabin, the Honda Ridgeline can confidently tackle almost any terrain. A perfect combination of ruggedness and luxury, the spacious cabin has plenty of room for five. Originally designed to seat up to three people, the 60/40 rear seat can easily be lifted to fit larger equipment such as a mountain bike.

In the back, the extremely durable steel reinforced composite, 5-ft long cargo bed is engineered to handle heavy loads. Accessible through a dual-action tailgate that flips down, but also swings open to the side, the cargo bed can easily handle two dirt bikes or even an ATV. Last but not least, the lockable In-Bed Trunk provides more than 240 litres of secure weatherproof storage for toolboxes or any other equipment that you need to keep safe and dry.

Quickly find a new Honda Ridgeline or used Honda Ridgeline by browsing through our selection of Honda Ridgeline for sale.