INFINITI Q60 for sale, Used INFINITI Q60 on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

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Trim3.0t Red Sport 400
Engine3.0L V6
Transmission7-Speed Automatic
EmplacementPark Avenue INFINITI Brossard
Stock NumberI3720P
Engine3.7L V6 DOHC 24V
Transmission7-Speed Automatic with Manual Shift
EmplacementPark Avenue INFINITI Brossard
Stock NumberI3697P

About the INFINITI Q60

A timeless classic in the sports car industry, the INFINITI Q60 is a result of the japanese maker's efforts to globally standardise its line. Formerly known as the G37, the INFINITI Q60 now stands for both the Coupé and Convertible versions while the INFINITI Q50 takes charge of the sedan model. A true performer that perfectly combines function with style,  the INFINITI Q60 has been a real head turner since its introduction as the G37 in 2008. Vibrant symbol of agility and power that are gently felt inside a sophisticated, high-end interior, the INFINITI Q60 perfectly reflects the manufacturer's motto and offers «Inspired performances».

Model Features


Much more than a simple sports car, the INFINITI Q60 offers a stunning design in both its Coupé and Convertible versions. Displaying audacious and fluid lines, the INFINITI Q60 proudly shows its true colours and strong personality. A perfect combination of finesse and power, the front end is massive yet precisely defined.

From first glance, the double-waved hood evokes a strong sense of motion while the oversized wheels and flared fenders add to the vehicle's muscular stance and outstanding agility. Designed to impress, the headlights complete a striking and distinct package thanks to an exemplary quality of craftsmanship. Sporting great aerodynamics that confers both models a minimal drag coefficient, the INFINITI Q60 quietly pierces through the wind with ease and confidence.

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Masters of the roads and showrooms, both the Coupé and Convertible versions of the INFINITI Q60 defy time and several circuits with spirit and confidence. Powered by the legendary 3.7-liter V6 VVEL engine that made the success of the G37, the INFINITI Q60 delivers astonishing performances, worthy of its electrifying design. Along with producing over 300 horsepower, this technology offers a broader torque curve and distinctive roar as you dive into curves and accelerate on your way out. Coupled with the optional 7-speed automatic transmission or standard 6-speed manual transmission, the heart of the beast gets your adrenaline flowing from one maneuver to the other.

Along with offering tremendous handling and overall astounding experience the optional Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and high-performance brakes ensure complete peace of mind as you discover an endless world of possibilities.

Quickly find a new INFINITI Q60 or used INFINITI Q60 by browsing our INFINITI Q60 for sale inventory.


Supporting its surprising performances and spectacular look, the cabin of the INFINITI Q60 is as spacious as it is luxurious. Flawlessly designed, the cabin is equipped with a standard 12-way power adjustments driver-side sport seat in the Coupé version and climate-controlled seats in the Convertible version for optimal results. Either up or down, the three-piece power retractable hardtop opens up a new world of possibilities as you discover new landscapes from a panoramic point view.

Functional and elegant, the cockpit embraces luxury in an intuitive and modern design as you drive towards horizon. Quickly find a new INFINITI Q60 or used INFINITI Q60 by browsing our INFINITI Q60 for sale inventory.