Lexus RC for sale, Used Lexus RC on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

About the Lexus RC

The sportiest Lexus vehicle ever created, the Lexus RC is an authentic sports coupé with astonishing levels of performance. Released in 2014, the athletic Japanese coupé took the automotive industry by surprise with its unique, sleek and aggressive design that instantly stole the limelight. A jack-of-all-threads, the RC combines sports elements from the Lexus LFA with the elegance looks of the Lexus IS to offer a stunning, unprecedented result. Powerful, ferocious and yet impressively sleek, the RC marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Japanese manufacturer, one filled with uncompromising performance and ecstatic styling.


The Benefits

The most dynamic of them all, the Lexus RC boasts a staggering and exciting exterior design. Powerful and ferocious, the front end features the now famous and impressively massive spindle grille. The symbolic L logo appears in the design of the grille as well as in the headlights and day lights, a reminder of the RC’s sporty character.

The prodigal son of a subtle family, the RC features an athletic silhouette, highlighted by pronounced shapes, broad lines and muscular wheels arches that perfectly complement its spirited nature. Short and tapered, the rear end is fitted with a flared rear bumper that is proudly showcases the dual exhaust with chrome finishers. An ecstatic addition, the F Sport package greatly enhances the exterior design with an exclusive version of the signature spindle grille, oversized wheels and exclusive aerodynamics.

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The most dynamic and surely the most advanced vehicle of the Lexus lineup, the Lexus RC offers a unique, refreshing and reinvigorating driving experience. Designed on the the same platform as its fellow sibling, the IS sedan, the RC benefits from a shorter and larger wheelbase that greatly improves its stability, making it one of the most exciting ride on the road. The RC is fitted with extra-thick rocker panels and body adhesives for increased strength and rigidity, which translates into better handling and control.

Powered by a powerful 3.5-litre V6 engine with more than 300 horsepower and close to 280 lb-ft of torque, the Japanese coupé delivers unrivaled performance. Coupled to either a 6-speed automatic AWD, or 8-speed automatic RWD powertrain, the RC conquers any corners and straight lines with disconcerting ease. What’s more, the high-performance sports suspension provides outstanding grip and steering control.

Quickly find a new Lexus RC or used Lexus RC by browsing through our selection of Lexus RC for sale.


A true Lexus in its mind, heart, body and soul, the Lexus RC combines several elements from high-performance cars with exceptional levels of comfort usually found in luxury sedans. A reflection of its dynamic exterior design, the cockpit of the RC evokes a strong sense of speed and control. Specifically designed to meet the highest standards, the sports seats merges upholstery with pronounced side bolsters, gripping their passengers to an optimized racing position.

The center console, multifunction sports steering wheel and sleek dashboards ensure an immersive, breathtaking and unforgettable experience. Take place on board with three passengers and enjoy one of the most refreshing, reinvigorating, mind blowing driving experience ever offered.

Quickly find a new Lexus RC or used Lexus RC by browsing through our selection of Lexus RC for sale.