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About the Lincoln MKX

A luxurious crossover that reflects the manufacturer's expertise and desire to stand out in a heavily disputed segment, the Lincoln MKX seems to get better with age. Released in 2006 and almost untouched for eight years, the luxurious Lincoln MKX was finally redesigned for the 2016 year model and has since been boasting a much more appealing look. While it shares its platform with the Ford Edge, the Lincoln MKX naturally draws attention thanks to a flattering exterior design, virtuous powertrains and high-end, impressively inviting cabin.

Model Features


More elegant, more sophisticated and definitely athletic than ever before, the Lincoln MKX has shown great promises since the foundation of the Lincoln Motor Company. Following this move, Lincoln created its very own design department and no longer relies on Ford designers to share their ideas. The Lincoln MKX is the product of this new department and displays a much bolder styling. The biggest difference comes from the front grille where the original vertical slats were abandoned in favor of a sleeker, thinner horizontal layout. Viewed from the side, the coupé-like roofline brilliantly enhances the vehicle's silhouette and brings a sense of athleticism to an otherwise more traditional model. While it perfectly combines typical European styling with more modern American elements of design, the Lincoln MKX has earned its spot in an extremely popular segment. Quickly find a used Lincoln MKX by browsing our selection of Lincoln MKX for sale.


We simply cannot speak of the Lincoln MKX without mentioning the levels of tailored comfort it has to offer. A proud representative of the American automaker, the Lincoln MKX boasts a high-end, opulent cabin loaded with state-of-the-art technology and amenities. Furthermore, the interior design features superb ergonomics and puts every command and control and the driver's fingertips. The sense of airy spaciousness is also enhanced thanks to the available panoramic Vista roof which quickly becomes an almost infinite source of Vitamin D. What's more, the Lincoln MKX features unparalleled soundproofing and smooth driving dynamics that, altogether, create a perfect environment for both the long and short commutes on our uneven Canadian roads. Quickly find a used Lincoln MKX by browsing our selection of Lincoln MKX for sale.


Since its introduction in 2006, the Lincoln MKX has been able to deliver remarkable levels of performance thanks to its powerful 3.7-litre V6 engine. Admittedly, this powertrain was the only one offered by the American automaker until the release of the 2016 year model. Since then, a second more efficient engine has also joined the ranks. This 2.7-litre V6 turbocharged engine is a product of the increasingly-popular EcoBoost technology and generates an impressive 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque which is 100 lb-ft more than the first option. The two engines come standard with Lincoln all-wheel drive system along with a 6-Speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle activation. This combination allows for more control and better traction on all surfaces, making the sleek Lincoln MKX smooth and predictable. Quickly find a used Lincoln MKX by browsing our selection of Lincoln MKX for sale.