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Discover our long-term car and truck leasing solutions offered to businesses, associations, and individuals in Quebec and Canada.

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At Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc., we truly believe every minute counts. This is why we present you with the contract and leasing options at your preferred time and destination. Dedicated to offer turnkey solutions, we gladly pick up your old vehicle while delivering the new one. Along with registration service, Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc. offers all-inclusive solutions intended to perfectly suit your needs. With in-depth analysis of our client's realities, we work hand-to-hand with our customers to build plans that will match your wishes and enable you to reach your business objectives along with benefitting from the best fleet rebates.

Every company is different, as is every leasing contract. At Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc., we understand this perfectly, which is why we offer you:

  • A large selection of vehicles of all makes and models

  • An in-depth analysis of your needs combined with judicious advice

  • An open contract with access at all times to your depreciation table

  • An ultra-effective vehicle resale club

  • Access to the best prices on the market thanks to our purchasing power and our ability to maximize fleet discounts offered by various manufacturers

  • Milleage plans based on your needs

  • Terms of 24-60 months

  • Respect for your budget constraints

  • Customization of your automobile fleets according to the tastes and needs of each of your employees

At Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc., everything is done to make your transaction a seamless, pleasing experience, while taking into account your realities and your expectations. Contact us to make an apointment with one of our account manager to purchase your next vehicule or automobile fleet.

About us

Founded in 1964 by visionary entrepreneur Norman Hébert Sr., Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc. was one of the first long-term leasing company in Canada. Fifty years, over 42,000 leased cars and trucks, and an association with Jim Pattison Lease later, Location Park Avenue Jim Pattison Inc. continues its strong record of providing personalized, evolving solutions suited to our customers' needs. Carrying the original mission, we do everything in our power to help you achieve your business objectives by offering solutions for your life.

To ensure a complete and personalized service, our highly qualified professionals team works on a daily basis to create and maintain long-term relations based on trust and honesty. With your interests at heart, we constantly update our equipment to adapt to your needs in term of commercial fleet.

Resale Club

To ensure a simple and pleasing experience, we created a dynamic Resale Club. Providing a greater window of opportunities, this service improves your chances of selling your vehicle and quickly acquire a new fleet tailored to meet your specific needs.