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About the Mazda Mazda6

Formerly known as the Mazda 626, the Mazda6 is a mid-size sedan with remarkable driving dynamics. Fierce but sophisticated, powerful but fuel-efficient, spacious but agile, the Mazda6 is one of the most popular vehicles in its category. Visually and mechanically more impressive than its predecessor, the Mazda6 criss-crosses the Canadian roads with spirit and confidence since 2002. The Automobile Journalist Association of Canada's (AJAC) Canadian Car of the Year 2014, the Mazda6 is simply stunning.

Model Features


The first example of the company's new styling philosophy to reach the North American shores, the Mazda6 created a huge buzz when it was first released in 2002. Refined and perfected on several occasions over the years, the latest generations of the Mazda6 boast a particularly appealing allure. Slightly bigger but mostly more muscular than it was in the past, the Mazda6 exudes confidence and power thanks to the KODO concept: soul of motion design language. Exhilarating and dynamic, this concept features energetic lines and sculpted shapes which give the vehicle a more ferocious yet uncluttered look. The striking front grille along with flared wheel arches and sharp headlights contribute to the creation of a bold and stunning front fascia. Powerful, smooth and distinguished, the Mazda6 easily stands out. Quickly find a used Mazda6 by browsing our inventory of Mazda6 for sale.


A replacement for the popular Mazda 626, the Mazda6 is a dynamic mid-size sedan that ages extremely well. Not afraid to show its true color, Mazda's protégé offers a driving experience that perfectly matches its muscular exterior design. While several engines options were available at first, today's Mazda6 are powered by a 4-cylinder engine with Skyactiv technology in its most evolved form. Generating more than 180 horsepower, this powertrain provides quick acceleration and plenty of power to achieve easy passing maneuvers, all without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The Skyactiv technology is also found in the transmission, suspension system and body design, all working effortlessly to deliver a thrilling experience on the road and at the pump. Stable, agile and powerful, the Mazda6 deserves every bit of attention it gets, and even more. Quickly find a used Mazda6 by browsing our inventory of Mazda6 for sale.


A sophisticated and elegant sedan, the Mazda6 benefits from a large arsenal of technologies and features that ensure an intuitive and pleasing driving experience. Like many luxury cars sold at a much steeper price, the impressive Mazda6 features a modern and welcoming cabin. The cockpit area benefits from a striking design and may be fitted with a highly-advanced navigation system as well as several controls and commands genuinely-positioned at the driver's fingertips. Built with high-quality materials, the interior space features a high-end audio system as well as comfortable seats that do a great job at wrapping their passengers body. All together, these elements help create a peaceful environment while giving an unparalleled sense of control. Quickly find a used Mazda6 by browsing our invetory of Mazda6 for sale.