MINI Cooper 5 Door for sale, Used MINI Cooper 5 Door on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

Price Range
$16,990 - $16,990
Odometer (KM)
121,000 - 121,000
2016 - 2016

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$16,990 $18,100
Engine3 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie
Stock NumberG17308

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About the MINI Cooper 5 Door

A timeless classic revisited, the MINI 5 Door is a stunning compact car that bites. Released in 2015, shortly after the unveiling of the third generation of the original MINI Cooper, the MINI 5 Door is a mechanical masterpiece that comes with a twist. Not only is it larger and much more spacious than the 3-door version but it also features two extra doors. Instantly recognizable and extremely fun to drive, the Britain compact car doesn't go unnoticed. Bigger but not less responsive, more functional but still fuel-efficient, the MINI 5 Door naturally stands out.

Model Features


A MINI wouldn't be a MINI if it wasn't for its distinctive and intriguing Bulldog look. Closely related to the legendary MINI 3 door, the MINI 5 Door is a hatchback car with a sensational design. Dynamic and spacious, the MINI 5 Door naturally steals the limelight.

Slightly longer and barely taller than its 3-door equivalent, MINI's protégé is a lot bigger on the inside and has plenty of legroom to offer. To access this roomier environment, the two extra doors quickly come handy. Not only do these doors provide an easier access inside but they do so without sacrificing agility or style.

Quickly find a new MINI 5 Door or used MINI 5 Door by browsing through our selection of MINI 5 Door for sale.


Initially designed to compete on the racetracks, the original MINI quickly seduced the masses thanks to its astonishing driving dynamics and exciting design. Firmly rooted in this tradition, the MINI 5 Door is no exception to the rule. Fun to drive and agile like no other, the stunning Britain compact car may be fitted with either a 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine, both equipped with a turbocharger. Surprisingly gutsy, those engines deliver thrilling driving sensations and surprising fuel economy, making the MINI 5 Door one of the most pleasing rides on the road.

From the outside, the wheels pushed out to all four corners not only greatly enhance the Bulldog look of the vehicle but also largely contribute to a more stable, more agile ride. The icing on the cake, the performance-oriented suspension gives the MINI 5 Door an unparalleled go-kart feel.

Quickly find a new MINI 5 Door or used MINI 5 Door by browsing through our selection MINI 5 Door for sale.


Perfectly adapted to the needs of modern drivers and families, the MINI 5 Door is a dynamic, original and extremely safe vehicle. More spacious than many other MINIs, the MINI 5 Door welcomes families and friends in a modern and colourful environment. To ensure its passengers' safety at all time, the MINI 5 Door is fitted with several passive and active safety features such as:

  • 8 standard airbags

  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

  • 4-wheel disc brakes

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

  • and much more.

Quickly find a new MINI 5 Door or used MINI 5 Door by browsing through our selection MINI 5 Door for sale.