MINI Cooper Clubman for sale, Used MINI Cooper Clubman on the South Shore and in Montreal, Laval, and Sherbrooke

Price Range
$20,490 - $20,490
Odometer (KM)
131,018 - 131,018
2017 - 2017

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$20,490 $27,773
Engine4 Cylinder Engine
EmplacementMéga Centre Park Avenue La Prairie
Stock NumberN14970

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About the MINI Cooper Clubman

Conceived in 2008, the MINI Clubman has been a game changer. In order to accommodate the growing needs of society, MINI created a longer version of the popular MINI 3 door without sacrificing its particular go-kart feel or iconic look. Offering a classic and timeless design based on an already winning recipe, MINI added convenient storage and a restructured rear-end to its classic formula.

Model Features


To accommodate the growing needs of its customers, MINI offers its solution: the MINI Clubman. Slightly longer than the timeless MINI 3 door, the MINI Clubman was, until 2016, fitted with  third lateral door.

Nowadays, the Clubman features four full-size doors as well as a much larger trunk, making it the first compact MINI. Thanks to its bigger dimension, the rear passenger legroom is improved and can easily accommodate four passengers and their luggage. With its larger cabin and impressive cargo capacity, the MINI Clubman is a perfect choice to fulfill every space need for any lifestyle.

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Demonstrating a style particular to the MINI from the 60's, the MINI Clubman bears a chrome-plated radiator grille bestowing an athletic look similar to the Cooper. The elliptical headlights and wide bulldog stance adds to its timeless design. It is however on the rear end that MINI made the biggest modifications.

For the first time, the access to the large cargo space and hidden storage compartment goes through unconventional split barn doors. To preserve its iconic look, MINI kept its floating rear lights design using cutouts on each door.

Quickly find new MINI Clubman or used MINI Clubman by browsing through our inventory of MINI Clubman for sale.


For ages, MINI's trademark has been based on its bewitching road behavior. Offered in three variants - Cooper, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works - the MINI Clubman doesn't differ from its roots. In the heart of the beast lies a powerful engine that impresses by its great fuel efficiency and high performances. Two-time winner of the international engine of the year award (2011 and 2013), the optional twin-scroll turbo delivers surprising punch.

Seeking higher thrill? Simply hit the Sport button in the Cooper S or JCW and turn the whole world around. Once activated, the Sport mode enhances the throttle response, providing a quicker acceleration when your feet graze the gas pedal. Providing a tighter cornering response, this mode also firms up the steering wheel for an all around spectacular go-kart feel. Combining an agile suspension to a light yet rigid body, the MINI Clubman offers a tremendous driving experience.

Quickly find new MINI Clubman or used MINI Clubman by browsing through our inventory of MINI Clubman for sale.