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About the MINI Cooper Coupé

Launched in 2011, the MINI Coupe is an elegant pure two-seater with a hard top and unique look. Combining a design as sporty as the performances it offers to a modern sleek interior, the MINI Coupe quickly made a name for itself. Based on the chassis of the Roadster, this version benefits from its low gravity center to deliver outstanding road-handling, the highest of all MINIs. Available in three variants and multiple additional packages, there's surely a MINI Coupe to fit every need.

Model Features


Hidden in the heart of the beast lies a powertrain as uncommon as its manufacturer. With its great fuel economy and quick acceleration, the MINI Coupe is the perfect combination for the modern driver. Powered by a twin-scroll turbo engine (in option), two-time winner of the international engine of the year award, this ultimate go-kart begs to be tamed.

With its iconic bulldog stance, the MINI Coupe packs a lot of punch and is ready to conquer the world with its spectacular driving dynamics. Supported by an independent suspension at all four corners and a rigid body passengers will stick to the road at all times. Strong and elegant, the back-end stabilizing spoiler automatically opens at speeds upwards of 80 km/h. It's deployment ensures high-speed grip while drawing unusual attention and interest from the surrounding drivers.

Quickly find a new MINI Coupé or used MINI Coupé by browsing our inventory of MINI Coupé for sale.


A few centimeters lower than the MINI 3 door, the MINI Coupe is a real head turner. Thanks to its strong and massive outline, this bulldog distinguishes itself from the competition.

Sharing the same chassis as the Roadster, the MINI Coupe benefits from a heavily raked windshield joining a roof that deepens far to the rear to ultimately meet the integral spoiler. It only takes a quick look at the athletic side view to notice the dark side sill that adds a ruggedness to the already massive stance. As a reminder of the original model, both headlights and rear lights don't go unnoticed with the particular to MINI chrome trim. Choose from a great variety of styles, upholstery and packages to build your very own oh so not normal MINI Coupe.

Quickly find a new MINI Coupé or used MINI Coupé by browsing our inventory of MINI Coupé for sale.


Thanks to its peculiar and unique rooftop, the MINI Coupe has plenty of headroom to offer. With its wide-opening tailgate, lockable through-load access panel and extra storage behind the seats, the MINI Coupe suits every space need without sacrificing any part of its iconic look.

According to the chosen variant, sports seats can be combined with a wide variety of upholstery to complement the standard equipped anthracite roof liner. While air conditioning, power windows and a multi-function steering wheel with cruise control comes as standard equipment, the unique MINI Connected is optional. This exclusive feature brings infotainment to a whole new level by granting access to social media, providing directions and elevating customer's experience to a new high.

Quickly find a new MINI Coupé or used MINI Coupé by browsing our inventory of MINI Coupé for sale.