COVID-19: High Volume of Calls Leading to Longer Delays in Responding

April 16, 2020 (Last modified on April 16, 2020)
by Norman Hébert jr.

Good afternoon,

The last few days have been quite hectic in our dealerships as we quickly reacted to the government announcement to reopen our service departments. I want to assure you that we are taking our sanitary precautions very seriously and that our teams are working very hard to serve you as best as possible in these circumstances. There have been a number of disappointing situations that have occurred since our reopening so I would like to take a moment to update you.

Long wait times to book a service appointment

The current wait times to answer your phone calls and emails are much longer than normal due to the high volume of customers contacting us. We are aware of this and assure you that everyone will be answered and called back and that we will respect the priority based on when people called. We ask you to please let us work through the messages and emails at this time rather than calling back to see if we have received your message. We have received your message and we will always call you back, even if it takes a couple of days. Please remember that our business was closed for one month so it is somewhat normal that the delay for an appointment could be a bit longer as we have more people to serve in a shorter period of time.

Best to book your appointment online

Booking a service appointment online takes three minutes and gives you access to the exact same appointments as you would get when talking to one of our agents. We will call you back 72 hours before your appointment to confirm all the services that you need so please don’t worry about missing something - the important thing is to book your time slot.

Book your appointment

Progressive return of our staff

The majority of staff was not working over the last month as we have been closed. Each person now has a different reality as it relates to children at home or health concerns and as such not 100% of our team is back at this time. This new reality reduces our capacity slightly and your understanding on this is appreciated. Furthermore, our tire delivery partners are facing the same issues which also leads to the delays.

Respect of sanitary measures in place:

Like all other businesses that are open at this time, we also have to follow sanitary measures and we would ask you to please respect them. It is very important for us to ensure a safe environment for customers and staff. If you are not able to respect these measures we will have to ask you to politely leave the premises.

We understand that everyone’s patience is tested in the difficult situations but we ask you to please try to be patient with our staff. This pandemic has affected all of our lives and it is not your fault, nor that of our employees trying to serve you under a new reality. We are in this together and together we will make it through so please keep smiling.


Norman Hébert jr.
President & Chief Executing Officer
Groupe Park Avenue

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