Groupe Park Avenue's collision repair center displays a new brand image and becomes a member of the CarrXpert network of certified body shops.

December 12, 2022 (Last modified on December 12, 2022)

Groupe Park Avenue is proud to display today the new brand identity of its body shop and to become a member of the CarrXpert network. Formerly known as BANG Carrosserie, the collision repair center acquired by the Groupe, a little over a year ago, now displays the trademark "Groupe Park Avenue Carrosserie". Groupe Park Avenue also becomes the first automotive group to operate a CarrXpert-certified multi-brand body shop across the Province of Quebec.

Groupe Park Avenue Carrosserie's objective is to serve its various dealership customer needs in terms of auto repair and detailing according to the highest standards of the industry. As Norman Hebert, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Park Avenue, says: "What has distinguished the Groupe over the years is our high-quality standards and our commitment to providing personalized service to each client. It was only natural for us to perpetuate this in our body shop operations by obtaining our CarrXpert certification. Our experts are now rigorously trained by the manufacturers to focus on the repair and aesthetic needs of our different brands. We have also perfected our workshop equipment to be in a state of technology. Most importantly, our customers now benefit from a complete, frictionless service, from purchasing their vehicle to its repair in the event of an accident.

In welcoming Groupe Park Avenue Carrosserie to the CarrXpert network of certified body shops, Jean-François Gargya, General Manager - states: "Like many of our members, the Hebert family and their team demonstrate a clear commitment to providing a personalized customer experience and quality repairs following automaker standards and procedures. These high quality standards ensure our customers' peace of mind when a claim is made. Our teams work closely together to ensure they have the support, training and management tools they need to grow their sales and retain customers."

About CarrXpert

Affiliated with the CCAQ since its creation in 2001, CarrXpert is now the largest body shop banner in Quebec. Its 340 dealer members operate more than 180 shops and proudly display its colors. Thanks to its vast network of workshops across the province and its highly qualified team, CarrXpert offers a comprehensive service that benefits not only their members but also their customers.

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