The SERIAL1 line of electric bikes arrives at Léo Harley-Davidson

January 14, 2022 (Last modified on January 14, 2022)

To know where you're going, you have to know where you came from!

Who would have ever imagined shopping for a bike at a legendary Harley-Davidson dealership? Certainly not many people. This new reality is not as insane as it may seem. Do you remember the early days of William Harley, Walter and Arthur Davidson in 1903? They designed a motorized bike prototype in the Davidson mother's kitchen, but since gasoline fumes were causing explosions, they had to move to a shed behind the house to continue working on their ambitious project. Sold for $2,000 at the time, the first model they produced was the "Silent Grey," a single-cylinder bike with an automatic intake valve and no gearbox. 

No less than 119 years later, after having made its mark worldwide with noisy, high-performance, reliable motorcycles, the famous company diversified its range of products in order to follow the new trends, thus conquering a new market and new customers. A company that persists through time is certainly a company that knows how to innovate, go against the grain, and seize opportunities. This is what H-D has been doing for the past few years by developing a new line of electric products. In 2014, Harley-Davidson organized a world tour to showcase their first-ever electric motorcycle, "Project Livewire".  The purpose of this tour was to have people try out the motorcycle prototype and refine it further in order to start retailing the first Livewire model in 2019. A model that has been much talked about has certainly surprised Harley-Davidson enthusiasts from the first time they turned the handle. Several "electric" projects are in development at Harley-Davidson, including a scooter presented at the Aspen X-Games in 2019.  No date has yet been set for its release. 

In an effort to quickly convert as many fans as possible to the H-D brand, Harley-Davidson and Stacyc have teamed up to offer a line of H-D branded electric bikes for +3 years old children. These bikes can go up to 22 km/h, with a battery range of 30 to 60 minutes.

Every journey becomes an adventure! 

With a desire to innovate and stagger their customers, it is with no surprise that Harley-Davidson is finally coming up with a line of electric bikes, now available in Quebec after a year of U.S. exclusivity. Léo Harley-Davidson is proud to be one of the dealers in the Greater Montreal Area to distribute this line of bikes. For the moment, three models are available at the dealership. Imagine riding around your neighborhood on a Harley-Davidson electric bike! With these new, high-end models, your travels will no longer have limits and every ride will be an adventure! With an intelligent, human-centred design built with the most advanced bike technology available, H-D have created the easiest and most intuitive way to experience the fun, freedom, and instant sense of adventure when riding a pedal-assisted electric bike. The philosophy behind many of the company's design choices was to make the bike as maintenance-free as possible. This has certainly been achieved. The bike is also easy to assemble. Tutorials are already available on YouTube to guide you through the assembly process.

Three Models Available

Three models are now available in different sizes and colors at Léo Harley-Davidson. Find out more information on each model offered.

Serial1 is already expanding.  The company is working on various special projects. Last October, the company unveiled a very special edition, a MOSH/BMX inspired by the 1980s and the movie E.T.  Only one bike was available and it was sold for $6,300 US.  Even a MOSH/CHOPPER model was created.

Finally, don't hesitate to come to our Leo Harley-Davidson dealership to discover this new way of moving and getting around.  When you come by, you will be welcomed as a member of our big family, whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or not, you will be conquered by this new technology signed H-D. And maybe, one day, the Tour de France will be done on an H-D electric bike? It's okay to dream!

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