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About the Nissan Sentra

Swallowing miles and miles of Canadian roads since the beginning of the 1980s, the Nissan Sentra continuously evolved while staying true to its original nature. Designed to appeal, the Sentra was redesigned on several occasion and now boasts a much more inspiring design than ever before. Adding its share of innovations and enhancements to a strong model over the years, the Nissan Sentra combines a glamorous design to an unparalleled comfort and uncompromising performances. With so many options and packages available, it goes without saying that the Nissan Sentra is worth more than quick look.

Model Features


Benefiting from the product's strong reputation since its creation, Nissan's engineers redesigned this iconic model with a desire to push the limits even further with the seventh edition of the Nissan Sentra. Elegant and powerful, the streamlined body of the Japanese compact evokes a refreshing sense of velocity and motor sports energy.

Thanks to a lower, athletic body that widens at the fenders, a V-shaped grille and a special attention paid to the small details, the Nissan Sentra is the perfect combination of muscle and luxury. Add to the mix the SR package, formerly known as SER, for a true head turner effect thanks to oversized wheels and unique exterior highlights.

Classic yet distinctly different, the Nissan Sentra's design also boasts a best-in-class interior room space to ensure a hassle-free experience at all time. Quickly find a new Nissan Sentra or used Nissan Sentra by browsing our Nissan Sentra for sale inventory.


Electrifying yet sophisticated on the outside, it is the interior of the Nissan Sentra that surprises the most. Available in many different models and versions, the Japanese compact is a vibrant symbol of versatility. As they always do, Nissan's engineers designed a spacious and comfortable cabin filled with high-end features and state-of-the-art technologies to offer a luxurious environment.

Along with increased headroom and legroom for everyone, the Nissan Sentra is equipped with large seats that offer outstanding support through journeys of all durations. Providing an airy and open feel, the cabin was strongly inspired by bird's wing and provide a quiet and pleasing environment that seats up to five passengers with disconcerting ease.

As if on clouds, the compact sedan promises a first-class experience. Quickly find a new Nissan Sentra or used Nissan Sentra by browsing our Nissan Sentra for sale inventory.


Strongly linked to its athletic profile, the Nissan Sentra delivers outstanding performances under all conditions. Equipped with a four-cylinder engine since its creation in the early 80's, the Japanese compact sedan brilliantly evolved through the years and combines quick accelerations to notable savings at the pump. Thanks to three different drive modes, the Sentra easily adapts to your style and desires :

  • Eco: Maximizes fuel efficiency;

  • Normal: Ideal blend of performances and efficiency;

  • Sport: For maximum responsiveness and higher adrenaline rushes.

All of this thanks to the brilliant Xtronic CVT transmission, precise yet comfortable suspension and speed-sensitive electric steering. Quickly find a new Nissan Sentra or used Nissan Sentra by browsing our Nissan Sentra for sale inventory.