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About the Scion iQ

A urban jewel with great ambitions, the Scion iQ is a fun and good-looking subcompact hatchback vehicle that performs like no other in tight spaces or in the city. Unveiled as a concept car in 2008 and finally released in Canada four years later, the Scion iQ is small, fun to drive and surprisingly agile. Its original design and surprising driving dynamics help achieve a perfect balance between innovation and quality, which instantly translates into a greater driving experience.

Model Features


From the outside, the Scion iQ surprises and dazzles with its electrifying design and small dimensions. Not longer than three meters yet almost two meters wide, the small Japanese box naturally draws attention with its flowing lines and original shapes.

Moreover, this ecstatic design and short dimensions greatly improve the Scion iQ's turning radius which is shorten to almost eight meters, eh, who said parking maneuvers were complicated? What's more, the wheels pushed out to all four corners along with the short hood and striking lines help create a marginal, distinctive and yet really inviting look. Much more spacious that it might appear, the Scion iQ seats up to four passengers in its flexible and modern cabin.

An eye-catching, urban athlete, the Scion iQ provides its driver with great visibility and superior maneuverability. Quickly find a new Scion iQ or used Scion iQ by browsing our selection of Scion iQ for sale.

Fuel Efficiency

Specifically designed to please the urban-centrics and active city folks, the Scion iQ is fitted with a wide range of innovative technologies and systems that greatly enhance its driving dynamics and road behaviour while also providing superior fuel efficiency.

Under the hood of the Japanese surprise box is a a compact 4-cylinder engine that perfectly underlines the vehicle's uncommon nature. This powerplant is paired with a superb continuously variable transmission which maximizes performance and agility while minimizing fuel economy. In addition to brilliantly enhancing the Scion iQ's good looks, the oversized wheels positioned at the four corners greatly improve stability and maneuverability.

Quickly find a new Scion iQ or used Scion iQ by browsing our selection of Scion iQ for sale.


A purebred Japanese vehicle with an endless potential, the Scion iQ is fitted with the manufacturer's high-end STAR safety system which makes it one of the safest and fun-to-drive city cars ever created. A combination of several active and passive safety features, the STAR system is precisely designed to enhance brake function and increase driver control, which translates into greater stability and superior protection at all time. The Scion iQ is also fitted with numerous technologies and features such as:

  • Impact absorbing body structure

  • Smart Stop technology (SST)

  • Brake Assist (BA)

  • Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

  • Traction Control (TRAC)

  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

  • and much more.

Quickly find a new Scion iQ or used Scion iQ by browsing our selection of Scion iQ for sale.